Warsaw, the lifestyle reinvented thanks to sports.

563215_489914257781641_1210894190_n This post was going to be about the places I have lived for several months in the world, and the reasons why I clicked or not with them.. But after rereading it, decided to cut loose the around the world version, and focus on locally. After all, I was born and for a great part raised in Warsaw, capital of Poland. Here goes the story of how I started seeing and doing things different(ly).


For most of my life I was hating on the place, the people and overall vibe, wanting to get away as often as possible. But in my late twenties (ie. 2013 and 2014) I discovered other side of it.

Before I was forced to do things. It was either studies (most of it was bullshit), living with parents (don’t even ask), and job (it had some good things, mostly money, but looking from some perspective it was shitloads of crap overally).

Now, I reinvented the things.

After the asian episode, came back to Warsaw and moved to the place with sound logistics. I got rid of the car (its one thing that gets on my nerve, driving in Warsaw), I don’t have a job where I have to deal with bullshit.. I live a simple mans life.

Sleep long enough,

eat appropriately (its so much better to cook for myself than eating in those lunch places or at the university),

and most of all, train. Train to achieve the maximum genetic potential I was given. And suddenly I discover that life in Warsaw is good (except of 4 months of shitty weather though, when I hibernate).

I don’t care going to the club with budget for the night of almost none, riding a bike and not being able to hit the nice restaurants. Not to mention buy overpriced stuff in shopping malls.. Clothes, watches, jewelery? Count me out, all I need are 2 pairs of jeans few tshirts and shirts, jackets and shoes that last. When the sole got worn out (after couple of intensive years) I got it fixed in local friendly shop paying fraction of what would new pair cost. And I’m very happy with them – for another few years.

Need to go to big supermarket shopping, but don’t have a car? Join someone who needs to get shopping done too. You can learn new things (hey, I would not even notice 2 for 1 item promo before on the things I commonly use anyway, or check what chemical composition the water has). In exchange for dropping me by my door, I cook some dinner for both. Which might develop some bonding and even lasting friendship. And somehow, with this amount of trainings and healthy, stress free lifestyle, I noticed that I almost stopped drinking alcohol. Before, with all the workplace stress, I needed to get properly wasted on Saturday night, and it was quite desperate. Now I’m fine with 1 beer, or sometimes even without. Which means cutting on cost of taxis after going to the club (yeah, riding bike sober at 3 am Sunday is refreshing), and have more fun than ever interacting with females I’m interested in, since I have plenty of times to learn game and fieldtest it.

Also, with the sport card I have (a monthly fee that allows me to do all kinds of Martial Arts, gym, swimming pool, dance classes etc), the trainings are free or come with minor fee. In salsa class I met a cool folk, who push me in proper direction. Makes me approach a lot, so there are no excuses to get into interaction with that hottie I like.

The biggest point though is a selection of people I deal with, not being forced to interact with someone as per being in cubicle for several hours per day (since I believed and still do only selected few people are worth investing my time into).

Also, peers from my muay thai/boxing classes. They are mostly natural alphas, down to earth individuals. I can’t really recall anyone acting stupid or saying shit there, neither in Thailand, nor in couple of training clubs I attend on regular basis in Warsaw. There is mutual respect and sense of having thing in common. Thats what I call the ultimate set of people.

This is one of top reasons I went heavily into that sport. Added value is body coordination, elimination of weaker parts (to some extent of course) and overall feel of confidence. Its not the type of confidence that gets me into the fight in the bar or in the street, but rather my whole body gives clear signals to opponent, that he will think twice before fucking with me. Naturally, frame that gets bigger, the amount of muscles and whole weight is at its highs so far (never was bigger, always a skinny guy). Overall, I can’t see any downsides (and muscular pain is something that I learned to embrace).

I couldn’t get that group feel through schooling/university or others, not to mention cubicle work.

Unfortunately, this utopia is coming to an end. No matter how stingy I go, I still have to eat properly and pay for the apartment. So coming back to work is inevitable. But this experience made me even more aware what I want in life. Sure, it would be nice to have a BMW, spend shitloads of money on gas/tires/maintenance and have fun with it, travel tons, and live high roller big baller nightlife. But.. I can live without. Thats a tradeoff that I accept.



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