Top 7 reasons why I hate Warsaw

Recently I came back from Hamburg, Germany. That trip made me realize that perceived as strict in terms of law enforcement and general social rules germans are way more relaxed than poles.

Here is why living in Warsaw sucks:

1) In Hamburg we would rent a bicycle totally drunk at 5 am. On the other side of the road there were a few policeman. My friend fell off the bike. The just smiled at him and let go.

In Poland if you drink 2 beers and ride  a bike, they will not only put the fine on you, but will also take your car drivers license (if you have one), and might even put you to jail.

2) Public transport. In Germany (and many other countries) if you ask the bus driver to let you go while bus is stuck on the red light, they will nod and let you go. Recently I was riding a night bus, and the driver missed the stop I was supposed to leave (maybe the button was not working, don’t know). When we reached the lights I politely asked him to open the door. He got all mad and asked if I want to pay for it. I playfully asked how much it would be. Deadly serious he said – 3 thousand PLN. And elaborated how he can’t do it. Bitch, please! Ignored the man and waited for another stop.

3) Crossing on the red light or in the place without zebra. Did that many times in Germany, no problems at all (yes, sometimes police was in sight). If done same in Poland, you will get a fine and waste at least half an hour while they check your identity.

4) If you are the driver, then u notice ubiquitous speed cameras. No, they are not there for safety sake, since they are mostly put in the places where road is as safe as could be, but somehow limit is set on 40 or 50 km/h. The only purpose for that is putting yet another tax on drivers. Haven’t seen it to that extent in ANY other country in the world (on 3 continents).

5) Weather. Needless to say, it sucks 8 out of 12 months. Unless you like cold, snow and rain.

6) Parties. Door selection has gone nuts past years, so regardless how well you are dressed, you can never rest assured entering the clubs. And if you do, it is usually a major sausage fest, and those few girls that remain have their bitch shields put on astonishingly high level. I don’t even feel like gaming them, which never happened when I was living abroad (except of Spain and Portugal, those places were even worse for bitchshields. Hardly ever there is a door selection though).

7) City transport. Infrastructure sucks, there is 1 subway line (and now it is shut in the center, so to travel through it you need to take painfully slow tram or bus). Cars due to traffic jams and general restrictions are not welcome in this city. In summer it is okay to ride a bike, but what about those 8 remaining months?

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