Time to say goodbye to Thailand, Malaysia is waiting!

It was my last day in Thailand. I have to say it came pretty quick, given that 2 weeks I spent in the gym were over and over the same routine.. My ankles stopped hurting so badly almost a week ago, so I continued training everyday. I remember that during first days, after unproper kick I wouldn’t be able to kick anymore, and would have difficulties in walking in next days. But the body adjusts rapidly, so I kept going and going..


Since my favorite restaurant was shut, I decided to give it a try in other. Fail – expensive, thai spicy and not really tasty.. I took a sleep in the afternoon, picked up the laundry, and after another small meal went on with training. I took some group photos, since I already did a nice video the day before.



Later everything proceeded as usual on Friday – a big meal accompanied by several beers, and I was ready for the evening fights taking place in the gym weekly. The fights were really interesting, young boys were putting their hearts and souls, and further fighters weren’t any worse. Premium show, especially that 2 of our colleagues were fighting against Tiger (competitor gym) fighters.

After the second fight I couldn’t help the impression that in homefield the Suwits’ fighters had to win. Even if opponents were obviously better, Suwits’ would win.

Later went to Patong to celebrate with the others. At 4 am started to look for a motorbike that would take me to my place to grab stuff and then airport. After several attempts I found a rider who was willing to go for 700 Baht. And it was a long way.

Came to the gym, packed my stuff, and shut the door, leaving the key on the desk. My roommate remained sleeping. On the last glimpse over the facilities I got a little melancholic (since was spending over 20 hours in camp every day).

2013-01-28-1290It almost felt like a little piece of me was left at Suwit. I think this must be the feeling that the soldier get when they accomplish their mission far away (but of course my experience was totally positive!).

I really liked Muay Thai, and know that as soon as I have a chance will come back to regular trainings.

Getting back to the taxi, the problems started when I got my backpack on me. The road from Patong to gym wasn’t the worst at all as I was soon going to find out.

Drunk, tired with backpack that was overweighting me to the back, it was a ride from hell. For more than 30 kilometers. I was feeling so bad that mind started drifting and going back to meditation, my imagination would take me to one of the beautiful islands in Thailand, everything just to forget where I was now. When I was hoping we are close, I looked at the sign we were passing. It was still 18 kilometers. On our whole trip we had to stop for refuelling. Twice! Arrived to the airport just before 6 am, and sat at nearest bench. My body was aching terribly, and was completely undisturbed by being surrounded by smokers and heavy cigarettes fumes around. I was so happy that the ride was over. When I was finally able to stand up, I checked-in, of course passing with the bottle full of water (that I was pretending to drink just after the scanning machine). In the meantime I spotted some big times smuggler, who apart from a few bottles of water was trying to bring onboard 3 tubes of toothpaste. 3 big tubes! I still find the rules of not bringing any liquids onboard as ridiculous and oppressive, and serving as a tool of government control over society based on fear.

The temperature in the airport was maintained way below zero, and in spite of having many warm clothes on me I was freezing. Waited until 8 am, this time the flight was exactly on time.

Enough of Thailand for the moment, spent over 3 months there and it was time to move. In my opinion this country is perfect for extended vacations, inexpensive, beautiful, and friendly (to some extent as my adventures show).

In next episode: Malaysia and how I found a home away from home.


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