The best hostel I stayed in so far (during this trip)

During traveling, inevitably you make your way through many hotels,guesthouses and hostels. This post I dedicate to the best one I stayed in so far. After leaving Koh Phi Phi (where I stayed for a change in the worst hostel imaginable), I arrived to Phuket. And this is what I found:

Why did I like it so much?

Well, first I was warmly welcomed by the owner. This included handing in all the maps, description how to get to places, and even randomly dropping the useful info I wouldn’t come up to by myself. First positive front desk impression.

I just got better. The room was small, but very bright and nice. Common parts were huge (and were taking more space than rooms themselves), making socializing easy.

Another big advantage was that this hostel had a kitchen. Full size, fully equipped one. And I was missing cooking a lot after 4 months without an access to the proper kitchen (yes, thai food is good, but there is nothing like preparing your own dishes!).

Next day I learnt that all that was on the table (jams, tea, coffee, sauces), was for the guests. No time limit for breakfast (and hostel didn’t even mention that they include breakfast on their website).

The staff proved to be extremely helpful, helping me to find a computer shop, decent restaurant, and lots of other facilities making my stay more pleasant.

I moved out because of one disadvantage, which was location. But I would definitely stay there again while coming back to Phuket. Well done!

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