what does it take to be a man of your destiny.


What does it take to be a man?

He is the leader, the one who is in charge. In trivial daily routine, and even more in difficult times. His main task is to protect his offspring, his woman, and ultimately himself. It is both in physical way, that he has to fight his way off with hands or using objects nearby to save the ones that are important to him, should conflict be impossible to be solved in peaceful way. This means having proper preparation in Martial Arts, appropriate strength, and ability to head up and overcome the fear.

But also, and this one is even more important IMO – from the modern predators that try to take his goods from him. I mean the thieves/government/dishonest business partners. In all instances he must know proper people and be powerful enough that his potential predators will think at least twice before messing with him.

Ultimately, if things get unbearable in one place (imagine situation like war, or more probable economic crisis on a big scale, when there is threat that his belongings will be taken away), then he must be capable of moving himself and the ones he cares about to another location. Yes, investment vehicles, offshore companies and intelligent diversification of resources is a good approach. Having multiple nationalities never hurt anyone too.

Now this is my definition of Alpha Male.

He is in charge. He is prepared. And acts when necessary. And most of all, he has options.

On the other hand, Beta Male will be whining about how situation is out of control, that this is the government to be blamed, never him and his weaknesses that he would likely not dare to fight, and will rather use rationalization to not fell bad about things.


Guess which side I’m working everyday to be on?

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