Siem Reap, welcome to Cambodia!

I arrived in Siem Reap and it was the whole different world after deeply civilized Malaysia.

2013-03-04-1665In order to get to the country. The line for the visa was triple. First, you had to hand in the immigration forms, 20 USD and a photo. The second line was for collecting the “visa”. Needless to say that they didn’t use the photo given. Third line was the passport control. Well, the more complicated (fucked up) country the worse bureaucratic procedures. But it all took merely 40 minutes, so not too bad. I got my simcard on the airport, collected the luggage and went out of terminal. The guy from hotel was already waiting for me. He took me on his tuk tuk (funny version of carriage connected to the small motorcycle) and off we went.

2013-03-04-1670The driving here was truly like in third world countries. Overtaking from any side, 4 vehicles overtaking at the same time was pretty normal.

When I arrived in the hotel I learned that I was lucky, because for 4 previous days there was no electricity and they just launched it. Well, it didn’t bother with stopping the water later that day, so I was unable to take a shower. Took a quick walk around the town and stocked up in beer and ham. Every prices were quoted in USD, however when I paid in the shop, they gave me back the change (less than 1 USD) in local currency. At first I thought these were coupons and put them together with my shopping bag. Later I went to the restaurant and ordered some not too good food that cost me 6 USD. Pretty expensive given the quality. I saw the poster with prizes and suddenly associated them with what I was given. The exchange rate was 4000 Riels to 1 USD.


Later went for a walk to pub street with 2 places I was recommended to go. The whole thing looked like underscaled Walking street in Pattaya, but without that many prostitutes and ladyboys.

I took a tuk tuk back to hotel and spent the rest of the evening watching movies. It was going to be slow week, just to feel the vibe of the place.

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