Quick ski trip – Italy

As per last resolution, the plan is to go skiing every 2 consecutive years, and visit for longer (few months) some nice, warm place and get skinny dipping ;).

This year, I went to Cavelese, Italy. The trip was done by car, in one chunk 14 hours journey. Tiringsome, but the quality of ride was good, and autobahn in southern Germany which was going properly up, and later down-hill was a good reward.

Not to mention the turns and twists in Italy mountain roads which itself was worth the effort of spending many hours behind the wheel.

Out of four skiing days, only three could be used properly, since on the first day there was a mix of snow (at the top of the mountain), changing into pouring rain (couple of hundred meters down). It was definitely a bar time.

On the second day, it was much nicer, althogh it started like this:

But gradually was getting better…

I also enjoyed watching some competition…

  And the break at the bar #happyface

My GF feeling the rhytm


So that pretty much covers the skiing part.

Now some teaser for foodies (did I mention that it was half board, with exquisite quality and amount of food for dinner?

On the way back, I decided to test the range of Honda Civic. The onboard computer was showing the range of 50 km, while the nearest gas station was 29 km away.

Well, below is the range when we got there, using quite a few tricks to reduce the consumption…


Till later!



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