Police in Poland, aka we try hard to fuck you up.

Here comes another example.

It’s Saturday around 9 pm. I’m driving old Volvo coming back from shopping.

Out of a sudden 300 meters from my place got pulled over by the cop car that apparently was following me. I get out of the vehicle and ask about the reason I was stopped.

I was told they saw me few minutes before using my mobile phone. Of course I weren’t. To confirm my words pull it off and show the connections list. Last one was 2 hours before.

-Well Sir, you didn’t have to make a call, its just enough that you used it.

-How could I use it if I didn’t make any calls or send messages (again brief look on the phone).

They left the question unanswered and kept going with questions.

– Where do you work?

– Currently unemployed.

After looking on my drivers license: Ohh, you have all the categories in your drivers license and no job. (In Poland people believe that if you have that you MUST be a truck driver or something alike).

– How long were you unemployed then?

Here my mistake of answering that. Lesson learnt for the future. Do not bend in front of a cop bombarding you with questions. If he has any, free to ask them through the lawyer, and later could as well fill in the complaint since he is harrasing a person who never had any criminal record.

After looking at the car papers, his eyes lit up with joy.

– Oh, I can see the car doesn’t have a current insurance!

– No, it does (handing him the one valid till November).

– How many points do you have (for every speeding, not putting seatbelts on you get points here).

– Zero.

– Do you have any criminal record?

– No.

Cop not happy.

– Did you drink any alcohol?

– Negative.

– Ok, we will make an alco test on you.

They did. Result was 0,0 ‰.

Cop seriously not happy.

– Did you use any illegal substances (meaning drugs)?

– No.

We will perform a personal search then.

They made me put everything out of my pockets, searched wallet (including flipping all the cards I had there), and then proceeded to search the vehicle. Throughout. Took them 15 minutes, found nothing.

Before they went back to their car with my documents, I asked a question. What was the point of stopping me (the license plate in the back that was not its place, instead I put it behind the window, still perfectly visible).

– Among the others.

The cop came back 10 minutes later with my documents.

– Don’t use your phone again.

This time I stand my frame.

– Told you, and will say again, that I didn’t.

– Good night.


Now, in this country if you are found with some minor amount of THC, you are likely to be put in jail. Same if you drive after a beer.

My point is, I never, ever had any problems with police in various countries I lived in.

Been doing crazy things in Asia (yeah, 9 months in total), Spain (year of parties, drunkness and associated activities), same applies to Argentina and Brazil. And those few months in Poland already had 2 situations involving them. And countless in previous years. They are real pain in the ass, and worse even there is no way to avoid them. Thugs can be beat down (and even if they manage to steal, the dent in the pocket is smaller than being pushed by law enforcement).

I’m just doing my thing and wish not to interfere with cops. Unfortunately, they always seem to be eager to take some of my money, and if they are unable to, then at least steal some of my time and try to steal some dignity by making me answer stupid questions.


In the meantime, they are completely above the law they enforce.

Here comes the picture where mutation of police parked their vehicle in the place reserved exclusively for handicapped transport.


Oh wait, they are retards, but still being retarded doesn’t entitle them to do so. If ordinary person did so, his car would be towed in a matter of minutes (cost 170 USD), fine put (another 130 USD), every day of “safe parking is another 15 USD. And some points given. Just to put into perspective, average salary in this country is 850 USD after taxes (as for 28.10.2013).

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