Phuket, the things you would never expect me to do here (Muay Thai)

After 2 nights of parties, and watching the beautiful sunsets

I moved to the training camp, called Suwit.

Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but on the other hand had all the facilites needed for  proper training.

No parties that would distract

great pretty cheap restaurant 15 minutes from the gym

room 3 meters from the ring (impossible to skip the training, it gets so loud)

(this is what I see everytime I leave my room)

laundry 3 minutes from the gym

and last but not least, friendly guys who make you wanna stay here.

Ah, there is also a swimming pool nearby, but so far I only used it twice during a 5 days long stay.

The trainings start at 8 am and last around 2 hours (if you are fit enough to handle them, I give up after 1 hour 10 minutes to maximum 1 hour 40 minutes). Then it’s time for (second) breakfast, rest, lunch, and another training starts at 4 pm, again 2 hours. Then dinner, every third day or so thai massage, and sleep. That’s  pretty much the routine. And I like it, since it’s exactly what I expected.

the life’s credo.


Except of weekends. Altough we also train on Saturday, the different part starts Friday after training. This is when weekly ring fights are held in our gym. They start at 8.30 pm.

That day I was extra tired and really needed a massage, so I made it to the restaurant already after 7 pm. Had my usual large beef steak with french fries, veggies and as a second dish a chicken breast (a big one again) with rice. Accompanied by protein shake.

All just about 250 Baht, not bad for such a huge portion. In the restaurant I met a guy from Australia who was training in the other gym. Long story short he told me about the event that was going to take place on Saturday. It was called BBQ beatdown, consisted of all you can eat and all you can drink (only later I learned that it just included beer), and later there would be fights. Not hesitating a second I decided to spend 400 Baht for the ticket. Jake (australian) was so nice to give me a ride to the gym, so I could buy the ticket, and later dropped me to my gym, so I was ahead of time for the fight held in my gym. It was good, and the parts I liked most were the fights where foreigner (farang in thai) would fight the local guy. There were two cases like this. In first, jacked off guy was put against the asian (not sure if he was thai though). Whitie had a good technique and rapid moves, and on 3rd round knocked asian out. It was exciting to watch, hoping that one day I after few months of training I could do the same.

Later fight was held between the guy I knew personally – David from Belgium. I met him on my first day in the gym, and had chance to observe him training. He was a beast. Altough his opponent was skillful too, his arms and fists were working miracles, bringing final victory. That was truly an art of fight. And it was more surprising because during the training he was mostly kicking, with minimal use of hands.

Until some extent I believe that martial arts is an art of deception. High ranked fighters observe their opponent long before the fight is going to take place, and prepare accordingly. And if you switch your technique just at the ring, much greater are chances that opponent will surrender.

I enjoyed the fight a lot, shaked Davids’ hand afterwards, and went to sleep, since next morning I had training as well.

Putting my alarm at 7,20, I couldn’t wake up, and I’m sure that I would skip the training if not being accomodated just next to the ring. So at 8.15 just woke up, skipped breakfast and after brief warm up and stretching went for training. It was weak, since I didn’t eat anything before, but still I managed to do the full hour of intensive training.

I made it up after, ordering the 4 eggs omelette with some self prepared sandwiches. Rest of the day went as usual, finished last training and went for a party. When I arrived (15 minutes after time) it was already full, but they still weren’t serving beer or BBQ. Just small sandwiches. Grabbed several and got around a little. Half an hour later they started serving beer, and another 10 minutes food. I was expecting that it would finish soon, thus took a massive 2 plates of meat, salads, rice etc. Had enough to eat during next hour. Beers were pouring, food disappearing, and fighters getting ready for the fight. It was exclusively for foreigners, thus making it more exciting to watch (since I could see myself as such a fighter). First round was between a polish guy (Pawel) vs croatian guy (Marin).

Polish guys friends were going around with tshirts from their local gym in Poland, thus impossible to overlook the country they were from. They all looked like gangsters I would get scared of if met anywhere else. But later when I spoke with them, they turned out to be really friendly.

The fight started. Marin was attacking furiously, and I was wondering how much energy he will save for later. Pawel was just in defense mode, counter attacking from time to time, but generally calmly. Polish team was shouting – let him shoot out (all the energy). They were right, 2 rounds later a series of right and left hooks accompanied by jabs and kicks made Marin fall down. The victory was for polish.

Several more fights passed by, worth mentioning girls fighting too. Icelander vs australian. Icelander looked much more jacked off, and I was sure she was going to win. Meantime australian was more feminine, less testosterone pumped. After first round (which was all for icelander), australians hair was all around her head (she didn’t fasten hair). Surprisingly she managed to stay in the ring until the last fight, probably because icelander lost her stamina and her attacks were much less powerful than before. Nevertheless, she clearly won afterwards.




Couple of hours and few beers later came time for cage fights. Now this was a pure adrenaline and watchers excitement. If you can imagine longer rounds, where each fighter wants to knock out the other one, and does everything to accomplish it, you got the image how it looked like. Just 2 fights, but digged in my memory more than all previous ones.

For me personally, after almost a week of training, the feeling I get everytime I go to sparing is similar:

I face the fears I never had before. It’s affecting all my body, preparing it to one of two ways I can take. Fight and survive, or run away. The latest is not a solution. Not after the preparations I put my force, energy and passion into.
Next week it’s my time to go to the ring. Muay Thai is calling.

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