parties and more parties… Until the final countdown!

After end of the world that didn’t come, the time was coming for the final countdown – the end of year, which was sure to happen. This island doesn’t stop to party, no matter the day of the week or weather. Just to list few of them, it was:
waterfall party
jungle experience
pool party (loved this one, huge pool with dj and crazy farangs)
then finally full moon parties – in december celebrated three times on the beach.

We partied like rockstars, and one of those could easily make material for Hangover part 3 – Ko Phangan.
Me and Thomas managed to “liberate” ourselves from the girls, with one of whose T. had a small affair in previous days. We took our pimpmobile (2 days before we rented huge SUV, which looks like rappers car – over 5 meters long and full package – leather, good audio and automatic transmission.


Needless to say, we were going to rock the place. Started the night easily, Thomas didn’t drink (much) because he was driving, and I was good with couple of beers from 7/11. We cruised around and initially wanted to party in floating bar, which was fairly close to our bungalow. But when we arrived there at 11.30, it was empty, so we decided to implement plan B and go to pool party. Got some more beers on the road, and went direction Haadrin. Left the car with everything locked in (wallets, cellphones) and just with the keys and beers hit the party. It was a smash – Over 100 people dancing in their swimsuits, pushing each other into the pool, dj playing the music that was something between rave, techno and house. It was going to be the crazy night. Since the keys had the pilot opening the doors, it would break if taken to the water, so we put it into one of our pockets, and covered with rest of clothes nearby swimming pool. This move was the beginning of our troubles.
The party was even better than it looked like from outside. Everyone was splashing the water around, making piggyback to fight in the pool (I was even taken piggyback by the girl!). It was that crazy so we didn’t even need the alcohol to feel like a rockstars! The time was passing by, freelove was performed in the pool and around and we didn’t even notice when it became 3 am. We opened some sets, and in one of them T. found a girl that he liked. At some point needed cash from the car to buy some drinks, and… Keys weren’t where we put them! We run to check if the car was still parked where we left it. It was. Momentarily sober we started running around the pool and the beach to check if keys were somewhere, maybe by accident they were dropped in the sand. After some time we didn’t find anything. In the meantime it started to rain. A tropical heavy rain that makes you completely wet in less than 20 seconds. And it was freaking cold, too. It wasnt’ funny at all, since all we had were our swim suits and shirts, now completely wet.

We jumped back to the pool to heat up. I was freaking out, but T. took it easy and logically, and since there was nothing we could do, he continued with his girl. And I kept going crazy in the swimming pool. But it was getting cold, since the rain was starting to pour heavier and heavier. Since the girl was staying in the bungalow that was next door with swimming pool, we went there. Guys had some privacy, being alone in the swimming pool, and I had a nice dry towel to wrap myself up. With no money and no phone, I decided to walk back. But it was 7 kilometers with pouring rain and on the mountain road. It would take me at least 2 hours to get to our bungalow. So put myself into taxi, explained to the driver that I pay when we arrive, and half hour later was in the bungalow. T. came back 2 hours later, and he claimed that the car was still where we left it. After couple of hours of sleep, we hit the rental place, and… The car was there. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and walked around to verify. It even had our bottle of beer in passenger seat. The owner arrived 20 minutes later, and told us that at 7 am he received a call saying that the car is blocking the entrance to the shop. We were quoted how much it would cost to replace the ignition key, which made us run to the pool party place, to further search and find the lost key. We asked at lost and found. The lady took out several sets of keys – from rooms, scooters, cars and I even spotted one that was from porsche. Looked like ordinary stuff that people lose things like this in the place. But our keys were not there. Neither in neighboor bungalows. Nor on the beach or surroundings. We even offered to the guy at lost and found good tip if he helped us finding it. After fruitless search, we went to nearby police station to find out if maybe somebody brought it there. Negative. To make things a little bit worse, it started to rain again, so we got stuck there for good half an hour. The last day of the year didn’t look so good so far. But at least we still had a car. And the NYE party was oncoming. It was on the beach, so if it keeps raining like this, the celebration won’t be any good.
We came back to bungalow, the girls were bitching about T.s’ affair, and the atmosphere was generally unfriendly. I decided to go and eat dinner by myself, not sure if I go out tonight. And since I didn’t have a car, because girls took it, I took the last beer (which was warm) and walked to quite distant restaurant. All you can eat BBQ was just what I needed. I made the shrimp fest and ate at least 20 of them, followed by beef and chicken breast. In the meantime the rain stopped, and I received the message from T. that everyone was going to party together. Life was starting to look good again. At 10.40 we were all going to Haadrin end of the year fullmoon beach party. The road was a bitch, so it took us almost an hour to get there due to the traffic. We arrived just in time, and at 11.50 we got in the beach.

2012-12-29-872The final countdown was in. DJ was counting and the crowd was going crazy. In the midnight everybody was hugging each other, some people running into the water (forgetting to remove phones from pockets), and the vibe was awesome. I wandered around with magic bottle mix (rum, coco and pineapple). I run into the group that turned out to be brazilian. At that point I knew that the night is going to be good. The more I meet brazilians, the more I love the culture. Details are 18+, but I will just mention that I left at the sunrise, with big grin. The perfect beginning of the new years eve! Cheers!

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