Palomino – the lazy river place

Upon returning, we packed our staff, and headed to Palomino. The chillout place some 30 kilometers further (direction of Venezuela).
We arrived in Palomino just in time for lunch. At the main road prices were more than acceptable – for lunch with soup and drink we paid 8 K (even though the portion was rather small).
After eating we went to the hostel on the beachside that was recommended. It was supposed to take 10 minutes, and after 20 minutes of normal rhytm walk we weren’t even close.
Finally we arrived, and the price seemed over-the-top. Ok, the place was named the best hostel in this part of Colombia for 2015, but the price was 40 K, meantime in the place next door it was 25 – for the same bed in 8 beds dormitory. Without thinking twice we checked in to the cheaper place.
Stroll on the beach was nothing unusual, but the highlight of the day was the fish – Sierra in delicious sauce. Such exquisite fish is hard to find normally, so even though the portion wasn’t the biggest, so far it was the most delicious fish in Colombia.
The hostel itself offered a very good rest, which was crucial after last days with scarce sleep.
On the oncoming day, as previosly planned, we decided to go for a trip on tube down lazy river – highlight and basically the reason we came to this place. 20 K for half a day of chill was more than ok. On the way we stopped for “quick” breakfast. There we found the the most amusing creature since long time – little chicken in pinky colors.

My driver insisted we paid something more for the stop than previously agreed, but I said that he best speaks to the boss (my friend on the other bike). The subject never came back.
See a below video to get an idea about the lazy river.

And this was pretty much it. I had to come back to Santa Marta, since on next day I had a flight to Medellin.

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