New guesthouse in Trang An

After being fooled twice by, I decided it was time to act like its 2012 (start of this blog).

Why? Because out of 3 places I’ve booked with that site (rating over 9/10), 2 were either mediocre or straight up disaster.

Back to being analogue means not using mobile phone with rich data package everywhere. If I go to place, try to be there around 2-3 pm, ride around (hooray for own motorbike), visit a few places, and then make a decision. Screw “independent reviews” – only seeing with my own eyes, and trusting my own guts can save the day (and night).

So my third guesthouse in Trang An I selected this way. And have to say, trusting my guts was the best idea I’ve ever had.

Just look at the view from the window!

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