Myanmar (Burma) preparations

After some sickness period (happens when you want to live everyday to almost maximum possible extent), I’m coming back to health. And new plans are being created. Or rather elaborated, since Burma was on my list long before coming to Asia.

Today after doing some extensive research, I have decided to give it a roll and book flight to Yangon and first couple of nights. Hotel hopefully, since there is no oficial website to book ( or agoda won’t work for budget hotels), you just write an email and hope they have electricity & internet connection to read it…

Of course airasia comes handy. From the initial price of 146 USD, there were gradually options added, to finish at 187 USD. Thats +30 % of initial price. They charge for:

check-in luggage,

seat selection (this by itself can easily add 20 %, since there are some premium seats according to what it says at website)

insurance (you have to buy it)

extra charge for paying by any credit card.

Not to mention if you wanted a meal onboard, it can be arranged within booking process. The menu was sort of extensive, but I decided sticking to sandwitch anyways.

Once I am there I plan on going to Taunggyi (baloon festival). It is supposed to be one of the best events in that time of the year in this time of year in Asia. Attempts to book anything there were so far unsuccesful, but I sent couple of emails to guesthouses. In the very worst case, I will repeat what we did in Argentina 3 years ago, it was going to huge gaucho festival without booking any place to stay. Once there, we were informed that everything was booked at least 3 months in advance, but after some search finished staying in some guesthouse lobby. For the cost of breakfast.  

So Burma in less than one month, and meantime.. Some time to meditate and contemplate. So there will not be any blog posts during next few weeks.

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