My mission

Why I decided to do this?
The main point of this going-to-be epic journey is to see via the eyes of young, having high aspirations and being well educated european the places around the world to settle down and live in. Therefore, I intend to visit much more than just the tourist places listed in travel guides, often off the beaten path . The point is to spend time with local people, try to understand the local culture and daily habits, as well as the general sentiment (aka. frendliness for foreigners). Also,  learning basics of local languages is a must, since english is still unknown in great majority of countries, especially in Asia.
Since I believe that extreme sports and doing things regarded as risky take me to next level, I will also perform and describe and what I’ve seen and done. May it be extreme downhill riding, surfing 5 meters high ocean waves or taking part in muay thai training camp, I’m into trying them all.

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