Mui Ne Hills. Let the party roll.

After being terribly stung by dozens of mosquitoes, I decided it was time to bring some comfort onto my travels. Transition from the secluded area where the top option was sleeping tent, to the major hostel+hotel complex with 5 swimming pools was really tempting.

I booked the room via booking with my usual card. Several hours later I got email that they couldn’t process the payment, thus cancelled my reservation.

I decided to come nevertheless and pay on the spot. To my surprise, no rooms in standard were available for next few nights. I took a glimpse at dorms. No window, noisy aircon, smell of mold upon entering. Bonus point for fat, semi naked guy on the bed closest to the entrance. I decided that I would rather starve than stay there.

So I went to Bliss hotel – upscale spot in the same complex. Price was highest I ever paid in Vietnam so far, but I got mesmerized by the quality, location, and probably most of all, promise of double breakfast a’la carte (since the room was for 2 people).

Asking about the price, they offered me a discount upon longer stay, ie. 22 USD instead of 26. Expensive for vietnamese standards.

In spite of high-level price, internet again was hit or miss, with preference on the second option. I didn’t even bother using WiFi on my cellphone, and each time I had to use a computer was pain in the ass due to internet. Impossible to do any work at all.

Yet the place itself was making up for those failures.

Party at the pool every single night (yet the room was 3 floors down, so no noise would ever appear).

Decent food at the restaurant. Beef for steaks was imported from Australia, and for the first time in Vietnam I actually enjoyed the steak at the restaurant. The prices weren’t soaring either.

Staff was mostly foreign, so I didn’t have to deal with omnipresent “NO” from viets. Omnipresent “NO” was their only answer when I asked about something that wasn’t 100% clear to them.


While entering to the resort from the seaside, I asked staff viet where is the reception. His “NO” and pointing finger to get out made me put the translator. Do you think he pointed to the reception? Hell no. Instead he asked his superior. Superior actually spoke some english. Expect for no, he would say “don’t go”. Needless to say, I had to go around those viets to check the rates.

Another example?

Restaurant. Whenever I would ask for modification of the meal (like get rid of the rice), I heard firm “NOO”. God forbid asking for more meat even for paying double. Bear in mind that it was a family owned restaurant, 5 tables in total. Viets in their narrow minds if something is not explicitly put in the guidelines, they won’t do it. Because “NO”, thats why.

I would add some photos to this picture, but it “NO” works. Great that it let me open the wordpress, thankful for that.

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