Mui Ne Essentials – Kitesurfing schools

One of the key activities of the trip to Vietnam was to kitesurf. And Mui Ne is famous for its conditions.

Imagine the following picture:

the air temperature is always around 30 degrees, water not much less, there is a steadily blowing wing, and on the top of that there are kilometers of sandy beaches with dozens of kite schools.

Sounds good? Add one of the lowest cost of living in whole SE Asia (accomodation and food wise), and there comes the mix.

First things first, I started to search for the school to take some lessons on the wavy water.

Brief research showed that the prices are not that low at all. In Poland, I paid for the IKO 1+2 (8 hours) equivalent of 250 USD. Here, the single lesson with english speaking instructor starts at 45 USD per hour, and can go up to 70… I finally settled for a polish school, which was technically tad more expensive (50 USD/hour), but the instructor was recommended a lot. Plus I got a deal (I never go without haha). The deal as following:

One of the guys I met in hostel bought his 7 hours course, but in the process he twisted his ankle, so couldn’t take it longer. It was a bit less than 3 hours left. We agreed on a good price (otherwise he would end up with nothing, since there is no refund policy), and off I went.

First hour in those conditions is to bodydrag. Those conditions I mean strong wind and several meters high waves. Body drag literally means that you body is dragged after the kite. It is useful should you lose your board, and need to reach it.

It is nice only if you enjoy drinking salty water. Thankfully, with my previous windsurfing experience, the lesson was brief, and we quickly proceeded to get the board.

At this part I already knew that I will be buing my own equipment here.

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