Mucura Island and continuation of Tolú


As per, must do, must see, next day I decided to go to Mucura Island, located 40 minutes by speedboat from Tolu (and in case of violent sea 75 minutes, as the day I went there).

I was conveniently picked up at hotel straight after breakfast.

In the tourist office they didn’t have a change, so paid 60 K instead of 55 K. I was supposed to get the rest back while on the boat, but now hurry, hurry! Boat leaves soon!

Ok boss.

The ride was really bumpy and rough, it took almost twice as long as previously planned. On the way we went through the most populated island on the earth – Santa Cruz del Islote. Depending on the estimations, there are from 493 people to over a thousand on the area of approximately 10,000 square meters, totalling for 93 houses. The cemeteries are in surrounding islands, since with such population it is impossible have it on the same island.

Island of Mucura, was, as I expected, nothing special. Some decent beaches, some overpayed drinks and food, some nice fish to watch underwater, but nothing breathtaking.

I literally had to fight for my lunch that I paid for. In the end, I got it, and soon it was time for coming back, “since the sea was rough and the later we leave the worse it gets”.

Upon getting back, to my surprise, I was handed back 5 K. Upon coming to the shore I left my “surfboard”, since the waves were getting smaller each hour.



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