Muai Thai – the show

To properly start the weekend, I went to Muai Thai fight (show).

 The whole thing was planned well ahead, so I got the tickets wednesday night. Was a little worried it would be a scam, since the office was closed, but anyways bought it on the Lumpini stadium from the lady with some brochures, photos and a big stack of tickets. Paid 500 BHT in advance and another 1500 BHT was to be paid on the show day. 1000 BHT for person was not a bad option, since the starting price was twice this amount.

It was 5 pm on Friday, and as always, traffic was terrible in BKK. So we decided to take a BTS skytrain. Even though we got later than planned, but managed to be in the second line of boxing.

The fighters before round would show their respect to the crowd, each other, and the ring as well. I have to say that it along with the dance was quite impressive.


  The fights themselves had some really good parts. Especially the final rounds, out of which one finished with knockout in 2nd round.



As a bonus, next to us sat a fat thai guy, whos aparent goal was to take pics with his IPad, posting them immediately on Facebook, and tagging friends in a ring. Get a life geek!

Whole thing cost 2000 BHT, which I would say was worth spending. Well done Thailand, keep going!

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