Medellin part 4. Parque Explora

It was a supposed to be my last day in Medellin. Supposed because last night I heard that there is storm in San Andres, and it is going to convert into hurricane. And my flight was supposed to be today.

I soon found out that all the flights were cancelled, as per communicate on Viva Colombia site. I immediately wrote them email about flight rescheduling for 29th.

Also, this day was the day when Guns’n’roses were having their concert in Medellin. Meaning that everything, even my shitel (shit-hotel) was fully booked. So I had to move out. And pretty much everything in Medellin was fully booked, for this particular night.

So I had to make a move. Seba told me to go to Eje Cafetero – the coffee trail. I’m not a fan of coffee, I don’t even drink it, and doing this tour would be pointless (I already did something similar in Cambodia with pepper trail – rather boring).

I knew exactly what I wanted – sun, sea and beach.

Tolu, and Coveñas, I was told. It was 11 hours by bus from Medellin, a night one so I could sleep on it.

It seemed like an option, even if not best, then something to fill up the time. From there, I was told, I should go and visit the islands (colombians are absolute masters in extracting more money that you would ever expect to pay for vacations- even if you are on beautiful island, you should go and see the one nearby, that is more beautiful, and if you pay yet more extra, 2 islands behind there is something yet better). And this is not only a chant from the sellers, I heard it from tons of colombians who were visiting given place, giving me tips on the must-sees.

I should also spend a night in Casa en el agua (this sounded like a good idea actually).

I should also do do shitloads of activities. But all I wanted was to lay down on beach, do some surf if possible, eat fish, party at night and thats pretty much it. Stay in one place. Not moving like a monkey between the branches.

I did a quick research on accomodation in Tolu. There was a place with rating over 9.0 in, I thought it would be a nice change after shitel I was staying in now (it was rated at 8,2, but I gave it honest 5,4). Did the booking for 2 nights,

After checking the bus I decided to go with dearly overpaid, but seeming to offer decent comfort, Expresso Brasilia. Leaving at 9 pm, would be in the place at 8 am.

After organizing the next couple of days, I left to see the Explora Museum.

Below is aquarium, pretty good but nothing breathtaking.


It was impressive by following interactive parts, to say it moderately. It is a kind of place where you start asking yourself questions about who you are and how the current state got to where it is.


It as also a place that one would want to take their kid, which is probably one of the best recomendations I can give (since it takes long to read, I made those slides last longer, let me know in comments if you’d prefer to have it done as simple pictures instead of slideshow).

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