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On the last day of day of February, for last couple of nights decided to move to Pantai Cenang, the party place. Sharing room with a fellow german known before via cs and being close to the beach here looked like a good plan. It was hot as never before, and the aircon in car was unable to cool down the interior in spite of putting it on maximum power. When we got there I was literally sweating all over. Soon after checking in I decided to do 2 things. Drink the beer I took out of the fridge an hour ago (was still somehow cold), and go to the beach. We didn’t even spend there 2 hours, because of the flies that were furiously attacking, and also lightning and thunders started to surround us. The clouds were getting dense and it was obvious that the rain was coming. We jumped on the scooter, and literally 3 minutes after we came to guesthouse the heavy tropical rain hit on.

Below I captured people escaping the beach



Having little to do, due to overwhelming rain, we made a round in a local liquor store. And the pick of the night was…


Just joking 😉 We kept it simple. Just for the record, the above price is roughly 4,500 USD.

But those goods weren’t available for just everyone…


Next day I spotted the car, being one of many examples of tuning in Malaysia. National brand – Proton, totally pimped out.

From outside..




And inside:




On my last day I spotted the place serving fruit juices. It was advertising itself in quite unique way.


And juices was as delicious as expected.

It was time to go. I left some impermanent prints in the place


Next destinations were Kuala Lumpur for almost 2 days and then Cambodia. Was really looking forward for both!

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