Koh Tao – the (not only) divers paradise

It was an intensive day. Woke up at 9 and to my surprise door to my room were wide opened. And my electronics laying on bed next to me. Fortunately nothing was gone…

The rescheduled meeting with owner of french kiss divers was supposed to take place before midday. So I went there and had an hour long, very fruitful conversation containing lots of insider information about being an instructor, dive master and school owner. If you are interested I might make a separate post for that topic.

Later gave things to laundry and filled up the bike to travel around the island.


First place I went to was Tanote Bay. On the way there I started to understand why even scooters are equipped with all terrain tyres. Steep, narrow and dusty road with 20% slopes made it exciting journey.


But when I got to the beach, it looked like a complete disappointment.


The beach was covered with trash, and so was water. It looked like huge landfill. Despite this fact I decided to put my swimming glasses on and get into the water, probably due to the fact that there were already several people snorkelling. And it was good. After making my way through the all dirt, the underwater life was awesome. Colorful fishes on coral reef, huge rocks (that you could actually climb and jump from – I wasn’t brave enough to jump from 10+ meters). I spent good 40 minutes in the water observing the aqualife.

On my way back to the hotel I spotted a restaurant with prices that looked more continental than island. Had a delicious Massaman curry with pork for 65 Baht. The added value of that visit was that I found up-to-date guide on Koh Tao. I spotted a place where the wreck of the ship was sunk, and now was used as a tourist attraction for snorkelling. Went to that place, but unfortunately couldn’t find the wreck… Only to learn later that it was sunk 20+ meters below the surface, so I obviously couldn’t get there without scuba equipment. Later went to watch the sunset from Sairee beach, had a perfect sunset with a beer at very reasonable price on a very comfy huge pillow, just meters from the ocean.

2013-01-11-975It was that perfect that after sunset I fell asleep for good 30 minutes. Later went to all you can eat pizza, where I met some crazy chilean people who invited me to join their table. Since the service was slow and we had to wait more time than we were actually eating, we started playing drums on the table and shouting pizza pizza pizza!

This is one the guys looking at the waitress, passing our table without even bothering to bring a single slice of pizza:

chilean guy with sad face ;)Beer was pouring heavily, and with our stomachs more and more full, until completely filled decided to hang out to the party tonight.


This is one cute dog I met the next day while going around the island


These roads were a lot of fun, I fully understood why all the scooters were equipped with all terrain tyres.



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