Koh Rong island

After 6 days I decided to go to Koh Rong island. Finally some sightseeing stuff. It was also the first night I would not go anywhere. Couldn’t sleep. Even though the hotel is located good half kilometer from the beach, and parties, the bass was perfectly audible and I could feel it. When the party fortunately came to an end, came one of the neighbours, and put the tv on the maximum volume. Woke up, knocked on the door several times, but no answer. I hesitated a lot, since my ethics wouldn’t let me to invade someones’ space, but after a minute or two decided to enter. He was in the shower, probably high as kite, and didn’t hear the knock on the door. I put the tv to normal volume and came back. But once I get awake, it takes me long time to fall asleep again. So that night I had no more than 3 hours of sleep.Woke up at 7, the driver was obviously late, so waiting half an hour for sandwich didn’t make much difference. Got on the boat, didn’t socialize with anyone, having only one goal. To sleep some. I’m currently reading the book “Crush It”. It’s about monetizing on ones’ passion. In the very beginning the autor underlines that if you work 9-6, you should dedicate time 7pm-2am for additional work. Which leaves with less than 6 hours of sleep every day. I personally don’t function well if I sleep less than 8 hours for couple of days. And autors further advice for those with little kids is to work 9pm-4am. So less than 4 hours of sleep. I believe in such a rhytm, one would get a stroke or a serious disease before being able to use any money from that smart passive income. Anyways, got a good hour of sleep and soon after I woke we reached the snorkelling spot island. Half hour break, which I spent almost entirely in the water. The underwater world was amazing. This time not in terms of fish, but the seabed. Also, urchins were the biggest I ever saw, with diameter bigger than 1 meter. Also, glittering with beautiful, bright colors. And spines were huuuge. The landscape was as taken from the moon. I regreted again not having go pro camera with me. Came back to the boat, had a lunch that consisted of rice and noddles and fruits for dessert. Arrived on the island, and realized that had less than 3 hours before the boat was leaving. Took a walk around, and crashed into a group of guys. We had fun snorkelling together and soon I decided to stay on the island for a night. As unprepared as could be (I had no clothes apart from swimming suit and tshirt), no toiletries, and 20 something dollars in the pocket. Proper adventure withing an adventure. Booked a bed in hostel(which turned out to be absolutely the worst hostel I ever stayed in), and hit the beach. Since I decided that was way too white, this time I put totally no sunscreen. Before going, we bought a delicious huge mixed fruit salad for 2 USD, and we went to the beach. On the way I met a girl, wrapped in brazilian “ordem e progresso” towel. Opened and we had a cool little converstation. It’s so natural for me to speak to brazilian girls, I don’t feel akward at all, unlike speaking to equally beautiful chick from other nationality. And I do my best, since I sincerely love the country, culture and people. Joined friends and we had the salad. It was so huge that to finish it took good half and hour. And I felt full, indeed. The beach looked like the paradise, and there was a lagoon, which on the other hand looked like a dumpster when I dived in it. The plan was to catch some fish and make a delicious barbecue. Guys found the sticks, and one of them was already sharpened in the end, as if someone When tried to lay down, the sandflies were furiously biting. So small, but so painful. 2013-03-19-1790 dsc02176 dsc02172       2013-03-18-1774

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