Kids in Hanoi

While walking around, I noticed the enormous difference between adults (30+ years old) and kids/students.

First group, in spite of daily dealing with english speaking tourist, could barely speak that language.

On the other extreme of the scale were kids aged 7-12 and students.

Have a look at the following pictures and try to guess, what is going on there?

The answer is, they practice english with foreigners. Met individuals as well as groups with tutor.

I was approached by random kids. All of them spoke english on much higher level than adults, even 7 year olds. They were asking me typical questions, like a hobby, about my country, travel plans and so on.

One girl though performed a mild game technique on me. Asked

– what do you do before going to sleep?

I answered that I read a book, watch TV, browse internet…

-Well, no, she said. You close your eyes.


Their natural curiosity and openness will make them powerful, I’m convinced about it.

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