Is it the journey or the destination that counts? My brazilian escapade.

Some say that it is the journey that counts, not the destination itself. I mostly disagree, given that the journey is taken by plane as a sheepherd does it, and some hostel stopover which is as original and exciting as taking yet another picture in front of Eifel tower.

I was scheduled for a 22 hours stopover in Lisbon. Been there 7 years ago, visiting my buddy who did his erasmus there (I was in Barcelona in that time).

The place is nice to look at from the tourist point of view, but the attitudes didn’t change it all. I mean, try cold approaching girl in the street. I did 3 times in that evening I arrived. In well populated places, they would not even stop walking when I did an eye contact and opened with “Oi, licenxca, voce sabe onde fica…”. Didn’t get a chance to finish that sentence.

On the other hand, had an exquisite dinner in the restaurant next door. The proper steak with tons of french fries. The pricelist said 7 euros. The place was run by old man even older woman who was a cook. I ordered a water with it. Was prepared to leave a generous tip (since the water should be around 1 euro, and I was ready to pay 10).

Before the meal came snacks – bread and 4 small packages, containing tuna/sardines/butter/cheese. All she same size.


I ate 3 of them while waiting for the main course. The steak was delicious.

When it came to payment, to my amusement each of the items was counted separately. So the total amount was above 11 E, not including tip. I spoke to the folks in the hostel and they told me that same thing happened to them. Lesson learned.

The way to the hostel was really steep. This picture might not show it, but I could barely walk. Just think what would it look like in the rain!


There was a proper 8 working in hostel, but she seemed not receptive to game at all. Plus it was common room. Girl was from Slovakia.

Among the other crowd, there were 3 guys – Germany, Austria and Denmark. Aparently, we were all neighbors by Germany 😉 On of them was quite a cook – look what he did!

2014-05-12-766The rest of the crowd was idle – or just chillin’.

The idea was to hit Bairro Alto and get some game on there, but the map I was looking at earlier lied to me. It said that it was 400 meters from the hostel, while in fact it was triple that distance and some steep hills away. Plus nobody wanted to head out. Plus it was colder than I expected, with wind blowing like there was no tomorrow. Evening turned into a lazy night with some beers, and soon I went to sleep.

Hit the B A next day. It was at least 35 minutes by walk.

2014-05-13-771I found the place where 7 years ago some open air drinkings were going on.

2014-05-13-774Took a round, went to the restaurant unfortunately located in very touristy point (where I had the worse meal in loooong time).

Then I hit the metro. Wanted to spend all the coins not to have to carry them around in Brasil, and I had exactly 1,70. I was told that the ticket was 1,90. But I saw on the counter that single 1 hour ticket is 1,40. When I came to the desk I was told that yeah, it is this price for the public transport card owners. Rest pays 1,90. Plan failed. With the pocket heavy with coins came down to metro.

Had to switch the line, but since I had only a small backpack with me, not a problem at all. On the red line going to the airport, I had and opportunity to seat next to a cute girl. In spite of previous blowouts I opened her with “how long does it take to the airport”. She said 50. I asked fiftEEN or fiftY? The previous. Then we talked some more, not scaring the cat way. She told me things, and to my surprise she was portuguese. She was receptive, yet really shy. I was extracting info little by little, even going for light kino when she said she worked in a pharmacy (getting her ear close to my mouth, as if I was to tell her a confidential thing) “So you can get me some drugs before I go to Brazil, right”? With a smirk. She didn’t get it, so I had to repeat. She finally got it. Some more small talk and it was her station. Gave her a card, and kept going.

In the meantime received a call from the airlines. What the hell, problems with luggage or what -my mind was running even though I didn’t have a chance to listen the rep out. She said that my flight back will be delayed for 40 minutes. In 3 weeks!! Now thats the proper customer service.

The long haul was not inspiring by any means. TAP airlines are no match to Condor, which I was flying 2,5 years ago on nearly the same route.

I saw the Wolf from the Wall Street title. Unfortunately, for 6 hours (the flight was 7,20 in total) the system didn’t manage to launch it, there was a status bar – to be viewed next.

In scheduled time I was in the airport and came to the rented apartment. Will cover that in the next post.




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