Does Island San Andres has anything to do with GTA San Andreas?

This though, as an avid fan of the GTA series, inevitably crossed my mind. Was the name of the Island somehow connected with the location/plot of that particular edition of GTA series?

Lets get some quick facts.

The local population, called San Andresanos, seem to crave the US culture, especially Florida. I had a chance of speaking with several posada owners, and they were all telling me how good is Miami and surroundings, no bad words about the place.

When on the street, you can get a feel of landing in US somewhere late 80’s and early 90’s, except for Chevrolet Malibu which is a principal “public service” car – as taxis or tourists transport for instance. The cars in the game are unfortunately not specified as per their proper names/details – due to lack of agreement with producers for placing them. They are similar to genuine products, though.


The language is an interesting mix. Most words are of english language origin, with many spanish [castellano] borrowings, and in addition some african words.

The principal characters in the game speak pure english, mostly specific to afro community, so not much parallel here.

The Island of San Andres is known for its multi-color sea. In the game this part is rather secondary, most of the the time being in a mainland. There could be some similarities towards Loma or Mission hill, but it could as well be based on some other location – hard to tell.


Back to the topic. Does the naming of the game seem to have anything to do with the name of the Island? Unlikely. But it might be that the authors went to this Island for vacation, and from it they took the name. If you have any information on the interconnection, please post it in comments, I’m curious about it.

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