Full moon party

It was time to say goodbye to Tayrona and take the road down to Full moon party place.


We took the ride in old beaten up Jeep Grand Cherokee (the one from early ’90s). It was a bit more expensive than travelling with a public transport, but infinitely more convenient.

It was already dark when we arrived at the place, fortunately with practice from last night we were able to set up the tent in less than 10 minutes – great improvement – as Borat would say.

The idea of the place reminded me of Koh Phangan Island (Thailand), where almost exactly 4 years ago we were partying like nuts Parties in Thailand.

Out of nostalgy I contacted Thomas, my best man from that time, that we should repeat that craziness. Unfortunately he couldn’t get days off as it was high season for him in Laos, where he runs a hostel.

The party was about to start. I was curious if it could match the ones in Thailand.

The crowd was gathering, and the electronic music was getting louder. I decided it was the time to pop an LSD.

After waiting some time, instead of some nice sensations, I started feeling dizzy, which transitioned into immediate hangover like state. Not only I didn’t feel like socializing with people or dancing, all I wanted was to rest. I found a hammock nearby and slept for like an hour.

Upon returning to the party, the music didn’t get any better (I was hoping there would be some latin inserts, some bachata, merengue, reggaeton, but not – just pure electronic trash), it definitely got louder though, to the point that I couldn’t get close to the dancefloor without having a sensation of permanently damaging my hearing capabilities.

I decided to take another nap. Hangover like state was almost finished. I decided one more time with minor dosis. Same result with minor effect.

Strolled around the party, but I found it really boring, so decided to hit the tent. It was around 4 am.

I was extremely lucky regarding the tent, because the americans we met last night didn’t have such luxury, and were supposed to sleep on the beach.

After 4 hours of being alerted rather than sleep, I saw a beautiful beach, and under palmtrees the bunch of americans sleeping in all possible (and impossible positions).

Decided to take a swim. It felt fantastic, the water temperature, the lack of hangover, then views around.

After chilling some more, it was time to eat. Restaurant in the camping was only opened till 9,30 am (it was 10), so I had to look for alternatives. Found it on the opposite side of the road (walking that 400 meters in sun hot as hell was somehow a challenge.

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