Flight of the gibbon

[mappress mapid=”4″]After moving to quite nice hostel with swimming pool, I decided to shop around. There are many attractions in Chiang Mai, like riding elephants, mountain trekking, white water rafting, harley tours… Just name it, tons of stuff to do for weeks. And there is one more. Flight of the gibbon. It was advised as best attraction in Thailand. So I had to try.

The bus picked me up from hostel exactly at 9 am (which I’m surprised, because they are usually late, plus the driver was supposed to be between 9&9,30 am). As a result I had to take a half done breakfast away. Eating fast on the way, we gathered the rest of the people from hotels, and went to the starting point.  At 10,30 we were in the point. Fast safety instructions, equipment taken and there we went.


The whole thing was supposed to imitate the way gibbons travel across the rainforest. But instead of using branches, the metal ropes were in use. I can say only this much – fun as hell.

Even though it was crowded with folks, I was still under an adrenaline rush.

Especially free falling on the rope when the ground was thirty something meters down.

Needless to say, I feel best when I can perform some sport. After completing over twenty of tracks, we went to see the waterfall. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t just “see it through the window, take a picture and we keep going” attraction. Instead, it was 25 minutes of heavy climbing, which was a really good heat up before the trek I plan on doing on Friday.

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