First lesson on a new equipment – an expensive one

I was supposed to meet Marcelo (back story on how I bought an equipment – ) on the Malibu Beach, the kite spot located 12 km from my school. Packing an equipment was a piece of cake:

The wind was very low and uneven, so I ended up with kite in the water several times. In the meantime, the worst possible mess would happen to the lines, the gordian knot itself after the kite hit the whirlpool of the waves. Each time it would take good 20 minutes to disassemble 27 meters long lines (5 in total!) and reconnect the kite again.

But I was happy that it happened under the guidance of an experienced kitesurfer (and also the fan of this specific equipment). Valuable lesson on how to disengage the lines without actually cutting them 😉

I tried several times, but didn’t have enough skill to go through the waves with the little force the wind had, so had to surrender. many times.

In the late afternoon the wind finally started getting enough power, so I decided to give it one more try.

This time I managed to swim around 200 meters, until got hit by over 2 meters wave in the back of head, and lost control on the kite.

I somehow managed to get to the shore, but 10 meters from it left the board. The problem when you are the beginner is control. In high waves just controlling the kite so that it doesn’t hit the trees and rocks on the beach (lines are 27 meters long, remember?) was challenge of itself. And for the board I can come back later, as I did many times before with rented equipment.

This time there was one more part of the equasion. On the beach, there were 2 fisherman (equally called thieves). Noone else in the sight. I crossed ways with one of them, while fighing my way back to the kitespot with kite still in the air. I reached the base, and came back for the board. It wasn’t there anymore. Not 100 meters futher. Running back, I took my motorbike to ride even further on the beach. No luck. One of the thieves, aka fishermans must have taken it. I heard it happens many times, but they usually call the school and say that they “found” an equipment and want “compensation” – ransom for it.

But I was in touch with school manager for next few days and they never showed up. So I was double fucked.

I lost the board so I didn’t have equipment.

There was no other board with comparable parameters on whole facebook page.

And I didn’t have budget to buy another board.

I tried to explain to myself, that those things happen, especially in third world countries such as Vietnam. But my anger was still prevailing for next few days.

Having swallowed the bitter pill, I used the last money to get another board. It was fucking PINK, but once again, I could either take that or stay on the beach.

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