El Rodadero – Santa Marta

After saying goodbye to Seba (and frankly, I wish I travelled longer with the champ), I headed to El Rodadero – the part of Santa Marta. On the way I had to get my backpack, and the guys at the hotel were quite amused that I came back (since originally I was supposed to be back 2 days earlier).

I decided to take a bus instead of a taxi, since the connection was really good. If you get in by the front door there is even a space to put the backpack so it doesn’t disturb the others. Plus, instead of paying 12-15 K for a taxi the whole ride cost 2 K.

I found my hotel in Rodadero shortly. I wasn’t sure if they were going to charge me for just 1 night that I was really there, or perhaps two or even three (I did a reservation with Booking.com (I sent them email that I was coming one night later, and said that later my phone discharged and didn’t have a chance to inform them earlier). I do reservations in advance since I really dislike coming to the place and search for the accomodation, plus, comments from fellow travellers give some (usually) decent feedback, which is rather important if one wants to stay for few nights.

The guy at the reception was nice, and shortly after consulting the issue with his boss, agreed that I paid just one night. Well, check-in was at 9 pm, and checkout 6 am (flight was at 8 am next morning).

I went the direction where the restaurants were, and ordered a fish. To my disgust, I felt that it was not fresh after eating third of it. Left the rest, hoping that I won’t have the same stomach problems I had few days before.

Since it was late, I did a quick walk to the beach, but it didn’t feel quite safe at this hour, so came back to the hotel.

Put the alarm at 5,40 am – quite an effort for a person who usually doesn’t wake up before 8 am, and let the dreams take over.

Next day I decided to take a bus another time, and in case it didn’t come in 15 minutes, take the taxi. It came in less than 5, and at 6,30 I was already in the airport, well ahead of the time.

The airport was not nothing comparable with what I saw, no matter Cambodia or Burma (least developed countries I’ve been to). It was a total mess, with one room that was serving all the outbound traffic – ie. 2 gates, one place with sandwiches – that had a line in which I spent 40 minutes (with too much time on my hands it didn’t bother at all).

To its defense, there were some works going on outside, so hopefully in the future there will be some improvement.

The plane didn’t have any delay, so shortly after 8 I was onboard – on my way to Medellin.


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