Da Nang party

The beach in Da Nang was the place I felt connected with. Beautiful white sand, few people, and the water temperature around 26 degrees. I read that it remains the same all year round.

Girls, they enjoy the beach their own way – with 1000 selfies per hour.

But, I was also craving for some parties, and Da Nang was supposed to be the first (after Hanoi) place with the parties, including the beach club.

Came there first night. Zero action. Second, the same. Third night just decided to walk on the beach. In front of the beach club that was nearly empty, I met a vietnamese girl who started chatting with me. SHE SPOKE ENGLISH. But she was from Hanoi, so the shock was bit smaller, yet still present.

I was invited to their table (she was there with a friend, who spoke english too, and brother, who spoke none). Quick chat later, I was invited to join them for a party in the center. Well, being in the coast I expected mostly the beach parties, but OK.

First we went to the bar Golden Pine, where the beer was 65-80K. Same beer in most local restaurants was 15-20K. Drinks bit more expensive, around 100-130K.

Place was really nothing special, and soon we moved to another one.

It was a Kyoto lounge, a mid-fancy club few blocks down. We sat at the lounge, like in the proper asian club. I was just following the flow, so the locals done everything in terms of ordering. Quite heavy, it was a big bottle of jagermeister, many red bulls, fruits, and… nitrogen baloons. I saw them for the first time in my life, but later I heard that they became very popular in many places, even outside of Asia (in Amsterdam for instance).

The feeling after them is like out of oxygen – dizziness, immediate feeling of being drunk and so on, and at the same time complete relaxation. Happens for less than half a minute, then disappears completely.

The bad thing in asian club of this sort is that you are limited to the girls at your table. If you like the girls in the table nearby, you are not supposed to go there. Cultural thing.

The bill at the night of the night was heavy, even by european standards. It was 2,6M (110 USD). Luckily, to be shared between 5 people, yet I know dozens of ways to make better use of such amount.

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