Belarus – welcome to the land of bureaucracy

Wild wild east – lets start with simple permission to visit.
Given the visa, there is a long document, where they even ask about your profession and the phone number to the superior. Good start. Don’t forget to buy the insurance. Here it gets tricky. You have to visit an insurers office in person in order to get the special paper that Belarus officials need. As far as I checked, it is the only country in the world that requires it.
The cost of all that isn’t negligible. Visa for even 1 day is minimum 25 eur (remember to take a special one of a kind photo, not compatible with anything else), the insurance (called 3 places and all of them gave different price – for the same period of time) and green card – if you travel with a car.
But if you want to avoid hassle with visa and visit Grodno… Won’t be this easy. You need a certificate from the tourist office that you won’t invade the Lukaszenko’s land for too long. Again, the cost varies depending on where you call, up to 200%.

Add to this several hours on the frontier. Sounds like a paradise to visit.

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