Barú, Playa Blanca

Getting there resulted to be the pain in the ass. If I didn’t make a reservation before, I would probably just stay in Cartagena and wait for my next morning flight.

The scheme was as following:

Took a bus that was supposed to leave at 8,15, instead left at 9,30.

At 12,30 I was on the terminal.

From there, I was supposed to take the bus, change into another bus that was taking me to Pasacaballos. That was where I was supposed to take a moto-taxi, that would take me into proximities of Playa Blanca. From there, I was supposed to walk, walk walk.. In total, I left hotel at 8 am, and found myself in Playa Blanca at 3,40 pm, almost 8 hours later.

There was shorter and easier way, to take the taxi (60 K), or a boat (but the last one leaves around 10 am).

I was walking to my reserved place, that I already knew would be a fuckup. It was located at the other extreme of the beach, and the opinions were rather unappealing, but once again, since I dislike going place without reservation, I did this one too. As a matter of fact, every 100 meters or so I was tempted to stay in hammock, for mere 15 K, meanwhile I was supposed to pay 60 K for the room. On the other hand, I would never come here, so with somehow twisted logic as a way of showing gratitude I showed up in the place. To have it short, first thing I was asked about was the money. Pay gringo, pay. As for paying, for the tour of plancton they would with straight face ask you 30 K, even though the price around was 20 K, and this was exactly what I paid – for the boat that was interconnected with hostel (and I paid that 20 K at the reception).

More cool stuff? Shower limited to 6 liters a day, if you want extra amount, pay extra. No towels, even if you pay extra. The whole construction was shaking whenever someone would leave or enter the premises. For the tours The generator was located in the proximity of the room, so it was noisy until 3 am. Dogs barking (I saw dogs at maybe 3 other huts out of… 50?). Finally, it was located so that it was best to take a boat to the exit. Wifi, it was advised. Yeah, limited to facebook messenger and whatsapp – I was told it worked for few hours, but didn’t bother to check.

In total, I gave the place whole 2,5/10 (it is the lowest possible rating). If you are curious – its the one hostel .

So my advice. Don’t book in advice while going there! Take the hammock anywhere near the entrance and you will be fine.

But apart from that, the place was worth the hassle with travelling.

Wonderful environment, the tour of plancton very worth it, and the views in the morning…

In the morning I had to take the same route. 25 minutes walk with my backpack (it had its charm to be honest), then moto.. But I found out with help of fellow argentinian that there is a van going almost directly. It was expensive, but decided to take it. I was at the airport 2,5 hours before the plane planned take-off. At the counter I heard that none of the flights were cancelled, neither in Medellin (where I had a connection), nor in San Andres. All was looking good.

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