Bangkok. Firsts steps

So the time has come. The long awaited around the world trip has started. Woke up at 6,30 (this time no hangover at all). Heading to the airport, saying goodbye to parents and dog (the plan is to come back for a few  weeks in late 2014), and getting into taxi just before 8 am. The city is jammed as hell already, and due to this fact I reach to the airport just in time of check-in close. The taxi took 40 minutes to go distance of 6 kilometers. Sometimes its just faster to walk I suppose. All went well with check-in, aparently the airport weight underestimates the luggage weight (at home it was 19 kilos, here merely 16). Last year when I was heading to Brazil it was the same story, few kilos taken away.. But I guess its a good thing, since if you pack heavy you don’t pay extra.

Directly after getting onboard, the ebook reader crashed. Thank you Manta.  So I have no more access to all the stuff stored there, as guides and stuff. But hell, laptop is still working, so I don’t give a damn.

After pretty long haul I arrived in Bangkok. As waiting for the airport link to start operating, I went to local 7-11 shop, to buy something for breakfast. Water costs 90 baht (thirty US cents) and in Warsaw Airport, its 2,50 USD. On the sandwiches there was the nicest commercial slogan ever –

We want you to try this sandwich, its delicious.

So I grabbed some. And it was.  As an easy entry into the asian cuisine that I will be eating directly from the stalls on the street very soon.

Reaching the hostel at 7 am, with combination of airport link and taxi. Sums up to 3 dollars.

Once in a hotel, there was missing a mans hand to do a minor job. Aparently, poles are known for being skilled workers, so asked for help I took a chance 🙂


And was rewarded with delicious meal, accompanied by great view (there was even a waran in the sight!)

Tonight hitting on Barbecue party. Mmmm delicious Asia!

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