Ceremonies and social activities – discovering hidden gems of Kuala Lumpur.


Next day we woke up not too early, and headed to the house of Ma, the dear friend of Cal.

We drove for a good hour before reaching the house located some 70 km away. I was impressed by the quality of the roads, it looked like there is a highway, or at least an expressway to everywhere. Add to that the price of gasoline of 60 US cents for liter. The only bad thing is that every few kilometers there were tolls collecting booth. They weren’t too expensive though.


We reached Ma house. He is a chinese pastor for catholic church, and lives a simple family life. His father is a millionaire, but his son preferred to become a pastor, instead of being a businessman. Ma and his wife are lovely people, and I had again great time spending time there, feeling like a family member.


Boys (calling them like this in spite of being in their late thirties) were having lots of fun just chatting, and they were literally laughing their asses out, whenever one said anything funny. It was contagious, in a positive way. Laugh is health after all. I wish I could have a friend that would get along as well as those two.

Especially notable because Ma was chinese, and Cal indian, and as I was explained later those two races hardly ever get well together, not to mention being such a best friends.

Ma also turned out to be a big philosopher. He especially liked to meditate in bathroom on the “throne”. One of his philosophical outputs was: what is the coolest animal on the planet.

I would like to hear your options, put that in comments if you have any idea!

Later came time for some dirty jokes, and we didn’t even notice how 3 hours went by.

It was time to hit another party, this time traditional indian ceremony (function) for the couple that was expecting the baby.

It took us quite a while to find the place, Raw, another friend of Cal, was waiting for us, and introduced me to everyone in the party. Once again, I had a rare pleasure of experiencing something that no tourist would ever experience, and no money can buy.

dsc01783Only sheer luck and open hearts of people would allow me to be there.



This evening was much more traditional than a previous one. No alcohol, calm music, everything was centered around the expecting mother. dsc01776The main point of ceremony was predicting the sex of the baby.There were 3 bags with rice, one with sweet rice (meaning a girl), sour (a boy) and seasoned style rice (boy again).dsc01775

As you can see, males are more favored in this culture. Depending on which bag will be opened first, that will be the sex of baby.


In the meantime I had another great meal. Have to say that I’m falling in love with Indian cuisine…


Mother choose a sour rice, basing on her instinct, and it turned out to be correct, as I was furter explained, she took a screen which confirmed that it will be a boy few weeks before.


dsc01772 Marriage of tradition and science put together.

I had a great honour to try the rice as a first among the guests



Yes, some more of local delicacies!dsc01781

A cute little ceremony attendant!dsc01758

Ceremony lasted until late, and it was time to go home. I was invited to stay in mothers of the husband house in India whenever I wanted. Exchanged facebook contact with few people I had the most interaction with and left the party.

Bonus: looks like Poland some 20 years ago, right?


Later after coming back I taught Cal some of the basics in using the new couchsurfing interface. I have to say that since it became a corporation, the only visible effect are changes on their website, that make it harder and harder to use (and I’ve been there for over 4 years now).

In next chapter I’m moving to the very best location, and will write about some gems of the greenest Asian capital city.

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