Why major corporations tend to regularly shit on their clients? Some examples for two big ones.


It looks like major corporations tend to regularly shit on their clients. Not only they don’t listen to the feedback from the users, but also keep introducing changes, where most of new features or in some cases whole new website designs are full of bugs.

Let met give you some recent examples. The new graph search of facebook, in opinion of many, and mine also, is a step back in terms of usability. And you can’t just reverse the change to the old good search window. Nah, it would be too easy. Instead, spend some time searching internet, and find the tricks like described on the forum below to come back to what used to be.



Same happening with Couchsurfing. Since it became a corporation, keeps changing design, and some features are actually counter productive. One of the best examples is forcing the user to see what is happening in the area where he registered/his hometown. Well, since this website is for travellers, it is highly annoying to read the news from the place I registered, instead of being able to use geolocation. So in spite of being in South America, I still read news/meetups and tips about Bangkok. And it cannot be changed. There are literally tons of people who are against the new design, and myself even taught the older CS users how to navigate on the new website to find the most basic features. Merging the city groups into metropolitan areas is another shot in the foot. Again, they know better than the users. They are really heading the wrong direction. One of the expressions of that is banning the long term users who dare to criticize.


These are just two mayor examples of corporations that base their revenue exclusively on clients using their websites. I’m just wondering, if with this kind of attitude they will survive. Of course, both are market leaders without any competitor coming close, but it is just for now. This kind of arrogant behavior can only be punished in one way. Voting by foot, ie not using these services.



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