VivaColombia troubles and robbery attempt in Tolu

Next day, due to lack of response from the airlines, I called them on paid hotline.

At first attempt it took 10 minutes, then the connection was lost.

At second attempt, it took around 17 minutes, and hopefully the request for rescheduling the flight was realized.

But to my astonishment, VivaColombia put my new reservation as being cancelled in the evening of the same day.

Next day decided to call them again.

This time they told me there was something wrong in their system, and after mere 7 minutes the reservation appeared almost immediately as confirmed. After over half an hour on paid hotline.

In order to plan next 2 days that I had remaining till going to San Andres, decided to go to Casa en el agua (house on the water, hostel that was charging dearly, but it looked worth it). So much worth that every hammock and bed in dorms was reserved for next 10 days. Wrote them email, just to check if any reservation got cancelled), and informed my host that I’ll stay one more night.

This night I decided to go out. A short nap that I started at 10 pm expanded until 1 am.

But as I previously heard, it was very safe place. I dressed us usual, and went on Malecon (since there was a disco). Grabbed a beer on the way and walked past the disco, that seemed to be rather empty. Couple of streets later 2 youngsters of maybe 16-18 years old started talking something, and without waiting for an answer one got close and tried to get a phone from my pocket, spilling my beer. Pushed him and got into fighting position, asking if they had any fucking problem. They flew the scene, but I felt pumped and felt like kicking someones ass. Fortunately or not, there were no pretenders on my way back.

This much about partying in Tolú

Next day I was going to Barú, the beach nearby Cartagena that everyone was recommending.

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