The soar and fall of a Mui Ne Hills hostel – the result of corona paranoia in Vietnam

This is about the once fun place in Mui Ne – the Mui Ne hills. I’ve been here since early February. In that time the place was packed, and the parties were going on daily. The staff was doing their best, and the overall vibe was fun. It wasn’t even spoiled by the fact that 2 of my credit cards were rejected by the place while booking on, so as a result I had to overpay dearly for a single room once I arrived – it was a bliss part instead of budget hostel, meaning that I was paying 480K VND per night instead of 240K.  

A week later I decided it was time to hit Dalat, a place in the mountains located 4 hours driving from Mui Ne. The trekking and drive itself were fun, but Mui Ne was calling – with all its party vibe during the night and kitesurfing during the day.

So once again I checked into Mui Ne Hills. It was late February, the fever didn’t start yet.

2 weeks later, the countdown has blown. Informations on shutting down the planes, locking down the countries, and so on began.

The hostel was quick to follow. First, they closed the Budget without prior notice. I only learned it when I read on my door that the place was shut, and I’m supposed to see the reception asap. The light was shut down too so I didn’t have a chance to pack my stuff in order to move (it was already after sunset). But I managed to put the electricity up after asking several times and being harassed by the keyman who of course didn’t speak a word of english, but instead he was angrily showing with his hands to get the fuck out, and barking rather than speaking in his language.

I packed my stuff and moved to Bliss once again.

Next day hostel stopped accepting new guests. Both moves were logical to some point, in spite of total lack of communication while shutting down the budget part. In the afternoon the guests of dormitories received an information, that all of the that remain have to move to a single dorm. Bear in mind, that it is absolutely best way to spread Corona Virus, put 12 people into one dormitory with aircondition at full pace. They were informed at 4 pm, so that left them very little time to change the hostel. To add insult to injury, followed the information that next day dorms are shutting down completely. The way of communication was once again word of mouth. You were out kitesurfing/visiting etc? You lost!

All happening too quick, right? Well, they announced that there is a police hour in the evening, so they shut the hostel door at 8 pm. If you want to go for dinner, too bad! You can’t come back because the doors are closed. It was supposedly made according to the government regulations, but I soon found out that in none of 4 other hostels I checked personally it was the case. Also, my acquitances confirmed that in their places it didn’t happen. Overreaction? I would say yes. Does it come as surprise that it wasn’t printed anywhere, but once again spread by word of mouth?

As a result, me as the so far big fan of the place, its location and so on was so discouraged to stay, that I would rather pay more in place of worse standard but better communication and honest rules. And so I did next day, moving 5 kilometers away, to Ihome.

Mui Ne Hills will be probably shutting down completely within next couple of days. The government policy due to Corona paranoia, together with overreaction and lack of communication of the management made this once awesome place sink in little more than 4 days. Well done!

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