The most expensive gasoline I ever bought.

Stiil sick as a dog, but at least with my voice slowly (and quietly) coming back, I decided it was time for something else than staying in hostel and watching TV/browsing internet.

A site that I spent several hours – about the most picturesque, exciting, or simply the best motorbike routes.

I decided to hit the following road:

First part – towards Son Trach was as boring as it can be – plain, flat road with heavy traffic.

The fun started after entering the national park. The road was good (yet, I hoped for more curves), traffic was minimal to none, nature was unspoiled.

However, theoretical range in high mountain (10% or more road slope) was far below the one I assumed. With the fuel gauge coming down really quick, I was becoming worried.

Also, the phone lost it’s coverage. And GPS signal. Meaning, that I had to make a guess (since the odometer in my bike doesn’t work from the beginning) how many kilometers I have left.

Rough estimation told me, that the bike won’t make it to the town on the fuel I had left in the tank. And since GPS didn’t work, nor did the internet, I had no idea if there will be anywhere to refuel before I reach the town.

With no gas station in sight for 10-20-30 kilometers, I decided to start asking in the houses (one per every 10-15 kilometers) for gas. In one, they had.

Rare goods have their price. If you need something badly, you will pay anything, knowing well that you are being ripped off.

The average price on gas station in the beginning of 2020 in Vietnam is 20K/liter. Average price where there was no gas station, but individuals selling gas from the bottles – 25K.

Bear in mind that 1 USD=23K VND.

The guy gave me the price, it was 100K. Per liter. Negotiation was good for nothing. Take it or leave it.

Swallowing that bitter pill, I took what was offered. The most expensive gas in my life. Over 4 USD per liter.

Well, still better than being stuck on the road.

Upon continuing, I used every technique of driving economically.

Using brake is bad.

High revs are bad.

Highest possible gear is good.

Going fast on the corners downhill is good (no brake use).

This way, I covered another 50 kilometers in almost 3 hours.

When reached the exit from the national park, I still had some gas left. Now knowing that the nearest refuelling spots are 29 km away (internet back again!) I put the pedal to the metal. Full speed and exciting cornering, finally! Of course, at this moment the battery on my camera was dead, so no footage whatsoever.

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