The lazy Sunday, or the thing about the differences in mentality between Europe and South America

I was invited for feijoada. It was in the house of one of the fellow CS members, on the other side of the city. I remembered that there was a site where the bus lines and their stops were written down. I couldn’t find it though, nor my flatmate.

I decided to go old fashion way and ask the people. Cledson, my flatmate told me to ask the portero, but he didn’t know..

So I picked one bus that was going the direction, and started speaking with a driver. Normally, you enter through the back door. But its South America, where the laws are flexible. I spoke with him and soon few more people that were in the bus joined the conversation. The general conclusion was that I should leave in few blocks, walk and take a bus #42. Collective knowledge. Needless to say I wasn’t charged a bus fare.

Another little brainstorm where I was supposed to catch the bus going in my destination, and I was onboard soon. And in 15 minutes reached my destination.

Now, to give you a point of reference here is the map of bus routes in Fortaleza:

and the same in Poland

While in Europe all has to be designed by government, and bureaucrats are treating people like stupid children who could hurt themselves if not under proper guidance, in SA the common sense and communication between human beings is the key.

So Europe is for those who are old, either by age or mentally. Want to have the days look the same, don’t give a shit about freedom, but have a foreseeable tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Stable job, streetlights that make traffic extremely slow but don’t demand thinking, and more individual approach (why speak to people ¬†about how to get from A to B if you have jakdojade site?).

On the other hand, Fortaleza lacks proper sidewalks, pedestrian traffic lights are non existent, and the traffic lights are installed only on main crossroads. I didn’t see a single roundabout with lights – they are simply not needed, since people are not treated like a mindless herd, but are demanded to use brain to survive.

Guess what is my option for now, and foreseeable future?


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