The crash day

Today I was going to cover 180 km, from the town I spent last 8 days in, to Hue (huehue).

Of course, as a seasoned rider, I like corners. And the corners like me. Unless, they have a lots of sand on them.

Basically, everything was going as planned, till this moment…

Of course, my fault, 100%.

Thank god, no serious injures in this crash, and the pregnant lady got away with one scratch on the leg. I did a bit worse, but could (barely, but still) walk&continue the journey.

After paying a compensation for damages to the lady, I was taken by one of the observers to the mechanic. Basically, the front wheel was tilted around 20% from what it was before, so the front suspension and fork were severly damaged.

But the repair took in total only 4 hours, and the bike made its way all the way down to Hue. Thank you, vietnamese mechanics! Thank you, Honda!

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