Phuket, continuation of Muay Thai training

Sunday after the party was a waste, since I all I did was waking up in the late afternoon to have late lunch, and then small dinner.

Next days were pretty similar to each other. Trying to wake up before 7, finally making it around 7.20, small breakfast, training from 8ish to 9 ish, shower, proper breakfast, rest – doing stuff on the computer, lunch, another training at 16ish, shower, rest big dinner, and going to sleep to recover.

But my body started being against me. Often I was too tired to wake up, and on Wednesday for the first time I skipped training, which was almost impossible given the loudness of training thais just few meters from my bed. Next day, doing unproperly kicks on the bag, I would hurt my knees really bad, until the extent that a random guy I met offered my some antibiotic cream, since it “looked bad”. I applied it and after few days small inflamation was gone. Next day I was only punching, but unfortunately couldn’t spot the gloves (14 oz) that I was normally using, so put some other small ones. Just before the end of training I felt that something was wrong with my knuckles. Did last 10 minutes of punches and elbows, unwrapped my hands, and voila, the part of the knuckle between my pointing and middle finger was bleeding. Which technically meant no punching for next few days. Small contusions, but affected my training. So next day I just did series of kicks. I noticed that my body started to be conditioned for that, since before every unproper kick would result in overwhelming pain that would prevent me from further exercising and even simple walking, but this time I was kicking as before, already got used to the pain, and that wouldn’t even stop me from completing the series.

I also observed that my body was requiring more and more energy. It’s natural when you train, but my meals were at least 3 times bigger than usually before training, and even with that in the end of the day I couldn’t fall asleep due to being hungry. After the week I came on scale, and I gained 3 kilos. But I believe it all went to muscles, and hope I won’t lose it after I cease my trainings.

Today was my first semi-real sparing. While waking up, I just thought that I will perform kicks, since cuts on my knuckles made few days ago didn’t quite heal, and I didn’t want to get any kind of infection.

So when leaving to the ring I didn’t even take my wraps, neither ate tiny breakfast as I usually do, since decided that it’s gonna be an easy training. How wrong I was.

First, my trainer (whose name is Ran)┬ádecided to make me abuse my legs, by performing several hundreds of kicks to the pads. And I did my best. Fortunately, ankles already got used to being abused, so 40 minutes of training went on smooth. And when I was ready to go, Ran told me that it’s time to go to the ring, handing in calf protectors. So I ran for my wrist wraps, and came back. Soon I learned with whom I’m going to have my first on ring sparing. The guy who I saw in action before, all tatooed, weighting at least 20 kilo more than me (in muscles), with incredible kicking power. And it was only when I saw him kicking the bag. And now I was going to the ring with him. Fortunately, he showed comprehension to the fact that it was my first time on the ring, and said he would take it easy.

After first 30 seconds of first round, it was clear to me, that if he used the power he had, I would end up in intensive care in nearby hospital. Fortunately, he took it as easy as he said he would (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing it now), and didn’t punch when I would reveal face (common beginners mistake). Anyways, after 3 rounds I was exhausted and catching breath wasn’t easy.

Even though I felt that I did terrible, Ran approached me after last round shaking my hand. I took the challenge, and another step on the way to be a self confident man with whom it’s better not to mess around.

After we left the ring I had a chat with Henrique. He turned out to be very nice guy from Sweden, gave me several tips on what to do and what not to do, then we did some stretching, chatted some more.

It was time for shower and well deserved breakfast. And I could tell myself. Well done. Again ­čÖé

As to give myself prize, I went to the pancake place and did “all you can eat buffet”. Literally everyone was waiting for me, as I was taking plate after another. Before I reached the huge omellete, I was full. But decided to finish it anyway, making everyone else wait for me. I got too full, my belly raised as if pregnant. Paid 160 Baht for food, and went with Indian guy to the beach on his scooter.

Except of the fact that he didn’t look into mirrors when driving, so we almost got involved into accident a few times, the road went smooth, and we finally made it to the beach, and waited for the rest of the crew that was going to join us later. I took a sunbath without any sun screen, and was tired as well, but after no more than 30 minutes my body started telling me “get out of the sun. NOW!” Took a swim, then we went to the bar where I took delicious coconut water, and spent some time in the shadow.

I’m little bit of racist against indian people, since I never got along well with any of them, but this guy was different.┬áVarma, started telling story of my life, and I immediately found the reason why I had a good vibe with him. He was after the same things as I was.

He was a indian champion in go-carts and formula ford racings, and also starred in the movies just to raise some money for his hobby. He is only 23 years old, but already knew what he wanted. His plan was to come back to racing after starring in several movies, then start making money out of it finally going into formula as a professional driver. Just to be able to retire at the age of 35, buying a property near to Monte Carlo, where races, and also the movie festival is held (so he would be close to both of his passions).

That mere couple of hours reminded me what was my reason for traveling. I had my dreams ever since, but decided to skip them, because of the perceived economical nonsense of such activity. Instead I took the path of obtaining premium education, then getting a job that was accessible and was proividing me with immediate financial rewards, in the meantime forgetting about my dream to keep racing.

That meeting made me think what I want to do in the future. And I figured it out as it all got through my mind few hours later.


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