Phone repairing

When arriving to Da Nang, I decided to trust the, which had a built in map on where the property was. As a result, I was going in circles and couldn’t find the place. Only when I manually put the name, it took me exactly, where the guesthouse was.

I read a lot about now leaving a passport in any place, but apparently they either wanted a full payment, or the passport as a deposit. So I made a quick run to the ATM, and paid for 6 nights in a row.

I made booking for that long only because it was Tet- Lunar New Year, so I assumed it was better to have a secured place with kitchen access (since in that time many restaurants were supposed to be closed).

Because the phone didn’t want to function anymore, and the second, old one, was breaking up (touch id stopped working, battery would eat up 1% per minute even at idle, and so on), fixing the flooded one was a top priority.

Next to the guesthouse there were at least 4 shops with apple logo on it. I chose the closest one to the guesthouse, because it looked more like a garage where they repair stuff, than a selling shop.

The young guy didn’t speak english (which at this point of knowing Vietnam was not surprising at all), so we did the whole communication via google translate. Initially it was supposed to be only the screen for 900K (38 USD). Next day, it came to replacing touch ID and front camera, another 600K. I decided that 1,5M is the maximum amount that I’m willing to pay for the repair, since the phone itself isn’t worth much more than that (Iphone 7, released in 2016). Long story short, 3 days after the repair was supposed to be finished (now we come close to european standards, compared to rebuilding the motorbike few days before) SEE THE LINK, the guy asked for 1,9M, 400K more than agreed. And we had it agreed in written, so I stuck to that.

Few calls later with the manager, we agreed to 1,6M. But, I also needed a new cable, since the old one stopped working after contacting the water. Another 100K. Also, new screen came without the protective glass, that was on previous screen – and was in good shape. Another 100K. So final amount exceeded the budget by 20%. So classic.

Oh, btw, I went on the mountain road nearby too!

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