My private resort

I had an idea of staying in guesthouse 12 km from the park. It was the closest place according to booking, with reasonable price/quality ratio. However, when double checking the location at booking, it stated that all rooms were reserved. Triple check on showed, however, that at least 2 rooms are available for tonight. So with a slight doubt, I started driving there. Half way there, I spotted a guesthouse close to the road. The place wasn’t listed anywhere, no booking, google maps, hotels, nothing. In a very vietnamese way I stopped after seeing the entrance, turned around, and drove a 50+ meters wrong way. So classical here.

Upon entering, there were major difficulties in communication (son spoke few words of english, mom zero, null, nada). I asked for the price, saw the bungalow, but it was so close to the main road that I wanted to check the other place, which on a map looked very remote from any major traffic.

I wrote on google translate that I want to check the other place, but might come back (in simplest english I could think of).

However, I underestimated the local hospitality. I was already with my helmet on the bike, ready to go. But by universal sign language, I was offered to sit down, drink tea, and eat a mango (that I was shown was taken from the tree in the garden). How could I refuse?

In the time of consumption, we agreed upon google translate, that for 100 K extra I would have a dinner and breakfast included. And I badly wanted not to move at all within next 24 hours or more. I decided to stay, even if disturbed by the noise from the street at night.

The feast started soon after it was agreed that I take the room. Apart from previous items, came few oranges. It was just the beginning. I was told, that the dinner will be soon ready.

I was shown the fish in the pond, so I could pick one. Looked small, but OK, I had my lunch 2 hours earlier and weren’t too hungry.

Dinner was ready. It scarcely happens that I couldn’t eat everything on the table. Portions are usually too small for me. This time I didn’t even try to finish half of what was on the table, in spite of fighting for over an hour. The amount of food would easily be enough for 3 people – really hungry ones.

Some more eye pleasing images, and how to catch a fish in 30 seconds.

Rest of the evening I spent on my laptop writing, overlooking the wonderful garden with fish pond.

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