Medellin – first day in the city of…

Shortly after 10 am I was in the airport. How much I love the climate changes – from 30+ to 18 degrees in just couple of hours. Thankfully, it didn’t rain.

Onboard I meet the fellow traveller, and it seemed that we will be neighbors. She said that she saw me going around in the Marina zone (worked as a waitress there).

First, we took the bus (the airport was good 40 minutes drive from the city), and later a taxi. It turned out that she had a hostel @ 67/30 street, meanwhile mine was @ 68, 49E, meaning that it was over 4 kilometers. So much about being in the same neighborhood.

It was so far the cheapest place in Colombia, I was paying 39 K per night for a private room, with somehow good opinions on

After checking-in, I decided to plan the rest of my stay in South America this year. Unfortunately, the internet was going down every 10-15 minutes, which I was told, was due to the heavy rain. Nevertheless, after several attempts the connection was stable enough to search for the tickets to Lima (Peru). The price I found was not the best – 238 USD for return ticket (before going I casually checked on skyscanner, and the price was well below 200 USD, for any dates I could think of).

Well, Decided to go on with the reservation. I used one of my cards. It didn’t let go 4 consecutive times (even though I reserved with the same airlines 2 previous flights and all was smooth). Tried with another card. Same story. Pretty pissed off decided to go and eat lunch.

The good thing about the location was that the food was good and relatively cheap around – meaning that I could eat something for 8 K, and decent lunch a’la carte was around 15 K (lunch menu for 10).

After coming back the internet was cutting down even more, so no chance to get anything done. Decided to chill before going out, and iron the shirt (this is what I hardly do, but it looked like being chewed and spit out, so even my , rather not too subtle aesthetics taste were offended by it).

In spite of the plan of going to El Poblado – the party district of Medellin, 70 street looked appealing, plus I was hungry. Got a decent burger there and kept walking. The place was filled with action, with music crossing from sometimes more than 4 places at the same time. After going till the end, had a quick shot on the street, and upon coming back I decided to go into one of the clubs. Cover was 5 K, bearable (beer costs 6 K there). It was kind of the place where the groups come in, stand/sit by their tables order bottles and rather don’t mingle between each other, even for dance. Observed the place for less that 15 minutes, and left to catch a taxi to El Poblado.

On the way the police stopped the car, made me leave it and made a throughoutful body search. Already got used to the procedure after Cartagena, so didn’t say the word. The meter was running. Passport was shown. After few minutes I was released. Again, lucky that the corrupted police didn’t put any drugs in my pockets, I kept on going. Taxi driver wasn’t surprised and said that it happens from time to time.

Arrived at El Poblado. Went to the shop to grab a beer. Was asked by a fellow traveller – argentinian, with whom I was. The usual answer to this question, mainly due to security/social proof was that my group was around/arriving soon, but this time I straight up said that was running solo. So was he. We decided to take a walk around. The place had more bars and discos that I would be able to visit during the month if I wanted to go everyday to 3 establishments. It also had a big park – Las Lleras in the beginning, that was filled with people drinking and smoking pot. We made a round and decided to hit the shop once more and get a booze.

In the park el argentino was stunned by the group of 3 girls. I was pretty sure they were from Europe, and my best guess, without coming close enough to listen them talk was that they were german. None appealing to me, but being a good wingman decided to facilitate my fellow his way. We got into the group, and boom! – they were germans.

We chatted for sometime, well, he did mostly as I was more into observing crowd and drinking than listen to another “I came here to study spanish but its sooo difficult” story.

Next to us, few guys were having their fun – grabbing a mouthful of beer stand one opposite to another, sqatting a bit, then splashing beer into opponents’ face. At first I though they were locals, but they turned out to be americans. Of course, I was invited to participate in the activity. They were disappointed that I didn’t want to participate in the game.

It was almost 1 am, and we decided to hit the club. El argentino said that he was previously in the club where there was no cover. Well, now it was – and it was 25 K per person – to be consumed but still, if we didn’t like the place then it was money lost. After walking some more we found a promotor who was handing the entrance-free fliers. We decided to go there. At the door, they tried to charge us 20 K (non-consumable), but we insisted. Same at the cash register. Being persistent, we entered the club. It was going to be some concert for local musician.

The party was ok until the moment the concert started. After 15 minutes I didn’t know what genre the music was. Neither at the end of it. It was like one song, some chatter, 30 seconds or so silence. Yes, fucking silence in the club. Rinse and repeat. I frankly lost all the energy I had that night. Decided to chill in the corner, until this shit ended. It did, resulting in people leaving. So shortly after 3 I decided to call it the night.

Took the taxi, and this time undisturbed by police, got to hotel and hit the bed.

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