Kuala Lumpur, moving to the golden triangle

Since I was supposed to stay 3 nights, next day kissed my hosts goodbye and left on the train. It hasn’t even been 4 days, but I already felt that this city has a very positive vibes, and felt that want to stay here longer. My next destination was Bukit Bintang, and guesthouse was located just outside Times square shopping mall. Supposedly the biggest mall in Malaysia (and definitely the biggest one I’ve seen so far in my life!).


Went there straight after checking into the hostel. I have one word to describe that building – impressive! It is 7 floors mall with everything you could possibly imagine, including the theme park with a big rollercoaster inside!!

2013-02-12-1457I spent there 3 hours just wandering around. I’ve not yet been to Japan, but I believe that it looks pretty similar. Later my assumptions were confirmed by Japanese guy who I met in hostel – he said that entering that mall he felt like if he were in Japan!

Since it was chinese new year, the entrance was decorated with traditional chinese ornaments, all in red, and even trees that were put some fragrance on to imitate real ones.



Short round in stores, and I found what many people say true – electronics tend to be really cheap here (even spotted a brand new iPhone 5 for 2200 Ringit – some 720 USD). I already learn that Malays are the nation that is trying hard. It also reflects their entrepreneur spirit in terms of shops/restaurants missions. Unlike Thais that don’t give a damn about the client, and don’t even care if the signboard has spelling errors on that. Malays are different, and I like it.

I took a round in the shopping mall, spotted the snooker place, bowling (some 50 + tracks), even karaoke singing place. There were cabins that could be rented – with big screens and all the equipment needed for karaoke. I entered to see, and checked the prices. You could stay as long as you want, for equivalent of 25 US$. And if you came in proper time, the dinner buffet was included.

I played a joke asking if for extra charge it is possible to have a female companion for singing. First the guy shook his head as if saying “didn’t I mishear you”, and then after I repeated he smiled and said that it’s not possible.

I made my way to the theme park, it was huge… The rollercoaster was the size of the ones I used to work on in US 7 years ago. The difference was that this one was under the roof..

There was of course the game hall, with the biggest selection of all kinds of games you could imagine – dancing, motorsport racing, nailing, shooting…


Last but not least was a cinema. The difference from other countries was that the movies were in different prices, and that difference could be quite significant..


I went to the newspaper shop, and to my surpirse all the titles of magazines were in English. So were the articles. Great thing after Thailand, where all was in their alphabet, and foreign magazines were a scarce good hard to find outside Bangkok.

After that visit went to eat in the indian restaurant nearby with the guys from my dorm. I have to say that it is as good as cheap, and little by little is becoming my favorite kind.

Hit the snooker place later. Beer here is outrageously high priced, so 1 can cost more than 1 hour of game, but I felt like having that “luxury”, regardless the price.

Went to sleep quite early, because tomorrow was going to be intensive day.

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