Heading to the mountains!

Waking up early to cover as many kilometers as possible. My goal was to reach Kom Tun, but I didn’t quite believe that I could make almost 300 km in one day.

It was a long, long drive. Total of almost 8 hours, including the fuel stops, and food break. Mostly mountains, so it wasn’t boring. There were some unexpected moments of that trip too.

Luckily, my pillow was wonders and my arse wasn’t hurting after covering that distance.

Since I didn’t know where I will end up, I didn’t make any reservation, nor research on the hostels. Gamble given the tiredness after the road, but sometimes this is the game.

I viewed some hotels in Kon Tum, but didn’t like any of them. Browsed the booking. There was one place, few kilometers after Kon Tum, that was supposed to be a true homestay, and ratings close to 10/10. I decided to check it. Entered together with a french guy, who same as me, was travelling Vietnam on his motorbike.

Below is how to (supposedly) say the toast “one, two, three, up” in vietnamese – we did so during our dinner together. Exquisite one, I must say!

The place ended up to be nice, but the vietnamese travellers didn’t let me sleep. They arrived at 2,30 AM, and were making noise until 4. Then woke up at 7 AM and kept their routine. Later I heard from the owner, that it is classic that vietnamese travellers are disrespectful, and he prefers to host foreigners.

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