Fortaleza, the adventure goes on

I used to say that, and I keep repeating. In Brazil, whenever I go out, something good is going to happen. In other places, either nothing, or some punishment for going out is going to happen (like being stopped by police, searched and asked ridiculous questions about why I’m there, yes, speaking about my motherland – Warsaw, Poland).

The weekend came and I decided to wind down after a week of solid work.

But before that, had to wait in heavily airconned office for the audience – one of the buyers didn’t find time for me, in spite of having a meeting set at 4, until 4,45. It was Friday afternoon, mind you.

But all good, what ends up well. Did my thing and headed back home. The plan was to swim in the pool, chill and then hit the strip. Unfortunately, Friday (and also Monday and Wednesday) is the days when the pool is being cleaned with chlorine. I came back, took the towel and headed to the beach. While my location is perfect for the week, ie very close to the companies I’m doing business with, it is a bit remote from the beach. Like 25 minutes by walk. And this is just the beginning, since the action starts yet another kilometer further.

I left my things with some girl, and got my soaking wet of sweat body into the ocean. The temperature is perfect, so is the setting. Swam until skin starts peeling. It turned out that one girl was surrounded by a bunch – 2 more girls and 2 guys. I made an easy entrance into the convo. I knew they didn’t come together, since the guys flip flops were laying bit distant. Turned out that girls were from Puerto Rico (I was teasing her of being “americana”), and Sweden.

Next to us was an open air dance class. Latinas have moves, thats all I can say. I was also participating, but more in the way making fun of it.



After the class was the prayer. Just in case you forgot that Brazil is a very catholic country.

Prayer we exact copy of what I heard in churches in Poland and Spain.

After that the group split, and I stayed with a guy from Sao Paulo. He was cool and had some game as for a married man.

We started opening the sets. Few were uninterested, but a group 2 + 1 took a hook. We would walk around together, and see the shows. One was particularly interesting – the guy who looked like beefed up version of my muay thai trainer was opening the young coconuts with his fists, legs, and… Forehead!



At some point the friends of the girl told me, quite literally, that I can take her if I like. But she was a very shy 18 year old type. I think my border line for girls is 20 years old. More just makes the conversation impossible. Soon we left them, since they were flat broke and didn’t have money to go to restaurant.

Me and guy from SP walked a bit (yeah, my feet are used to walking long distances in the flip flops), and sat in the bar.

I was getting mad eye contact from the girl. Definitely MILF. Her 2 friends at the table were straight up disgusting, but nevertheless we decided to put the tables together, would be fun. We spoke a bit and I have to say that the girl that picked me up had some game. Kino and stuff was going on heavily. They might all have been prostitutes though, which I realized after SP guy pointed it out.

We parted ways. I was tired after the week, and decided to call it the night.

Next was Saturday. Caught up with some work, and after lunch it was time to hit the beach. I also had my first Açai in over 2 years. Felt great. Although I had a feeling that it was way overpriced on the beach (starting at 10 R$) just a block away from the beach I found the same with more options (extra toppings) for 6.

Finished just in time to pick up the sunset. Out of many natural photoshop effects in Brazil.



On my way found the group training muay thai on the beach.



It turned out that they only do that once a month, but I was given directions to the gym, and a voucher for 3 free classes. Not bad at all, the only thing is that a gym is located on the opposite part of the town.

Kept on walking and found the guys walking on the line. Literally. Approached and we started talking. They wanted me to try. And I wanted to try. I was glad to train muay thai eagerly, so I was stretched enough, and the strength in legs was enough.

So, for the first time in my life I walked the line.



Have a look how better ones do that:

I had a plan of hitting the disco after, but came home and the idea of rolling out solo wasn’t that tempting. Instead, I decided to make this post. And tomorrow I’m invited for barbeque starting at 12, so it wouldn’t be particularly good to show up yawning.

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