Could you obtain a vietnamese drivers license? Q&A test here!

Answers in the end.

  1. What can make this truck driver leave the left lane?

a) hookers on the roadside

b) washing of his truck (on the roadside)

c) a big bowl of Pho (vietnamese soup)

d) only every point above put together

2) The usage of turn signal in Vietnam is:

a) obligatory

b) do I have one?

c) ooops, I forgot to turn it off 20 minutes ago

3) When the truck is turning/joining the traffic, he:

a) must give a priority to the ones going straigh/being in the traffic already

b) doesn’t have to pay any attention, he is bigger and thus has the right to do whatever he wants to.

4) Your vehicle is considered damaged, and cannot be used, when:

a) the lights are damaged

b) the breaks and tyres are in bad condition

c) the horn doesn’t work properly.


  1. of course its D! They need a really good reason to stop/slow down
  2. B and C are both widely acceptable answers
  3. of course its B! Bigger=tougher= you just wanna GET OUT OF THE WAY
  4. obviously its a C. Lights are optional, brakes and tyres up to you. But once you lose your horn, you can say goodbye to any road safety/being noticed at all.

Did you pass?

Now, watch the video and see the daily vietnamese carnage.

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