Corona Virus paranoia in Mui Ne

Mui Ne, a small beach town revolving around watersports – mostly kitesurfing. In theory, it should be peaceful in the times of international paranoia. Well, not quite. On 11th of March there was one case of Corona in Mui Ne, and four in Phan Thiet (suspected, not confirmed). Yet, as per security measures on (Friday) 13th of March, all the restaurants, but one nearby my hostel (Mui Ne Hills) got shut down. So did more than half (visibly) shops around. Future is not looking too good, since hostel doesn’t have a kitchen, so preparing meals is basically impossible.

Also, several hostels are not allowing new guests, meaning that people are bouncing with no roof over their head. To add insult to injury, so far some bus connections are suspended.

Oncoming days might bring:

Shutdown of all restaurants, except for the hotel (expensive) ones

Shutdown of almost all shops

Shortage of deliveries, leading to lack of basic products

Also yesterday was the first power cut-off since I came to Mui Ne. 20 minutes without the electricity.

Going further, what is likely to happen:

On national scale, quarantine of whole cities

On international scale, intercontinental flights are likely to be suspended.

And the last point is the most bothersome, since those limits can last for 30 or more days. And Vietnam has visas that cannot be (easily) extended.

The old chinese saying when one doesn’t wish well goes like this:

太平 ,

Its close (not literal) meaning is:

May you live in interesting times.

We will see how this situation develops.

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