The China – is it going to be my next Barcelona followup

Some time ago I made a post about starting from zero in totally new country, with totally unknown to me culture and language. It was China. I made a comparison between that and the experience I had 7 years before, when I was going to study for the first time abroad and organize everything by myself.

Here is why the China wasn’t the next Barcelona for me.

In spite of not knowing language, I knew how to make friends, and how to get people involved in what I was doing. Thus language bareer was reduced to zero whenever I felt necessary (examples like having a custom made suit, buying a simcard with various options configured on it, etc).

It also turned out that with most people I stayed good friends many months after we had interactions.

I knew how to be grinding. I was bold and determined, didn’t know the word “no”. And basically on my way from company to company I never got flat out refused. More to be said, I was always positively received.

I was hardened by years of traveling on my own, so any minor obstacles would leave me untouched. If I couldn’t find directions I would be asking on the street various people until I found someone who spoke english and knew the area. Approaching anxiety – forget about that.

All in all, I managed beyond any expectations. With really little struggle.

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